Where Is the Best & Safest Place for a Baby to Sleep?

Babies are new to this world and require help with just about everything. Even simple tasks that you give no thought to will need to be carefully planned out with a baby. For instance, sleeping becomes a bigger challenge than it is for adults or older children. You can’t put your baby in a bed and expect them to sleep like that – it’s not safe at all!

How to Protect Your Child From Insect Stings

With warm weather finally being in full bloom, many of us rushed outside to spend some much-needed time in nature. However, aside from beautiful smells and stunning colors, warm weather also brings out various insects. This usually doesn’t pose a serious problem for adults, who already know how to act and behave.

Easy Ways to Make Your Backyard More Fun

With warm weather approaching us fast, it’s time to – once again – pay some attention to our backyards. Mowing the grass, getting rid of junk and planting some beautiful flowers is just the beginning of the yard work that’s ahead of you.

Parental control apps

4 Parental Control Apps That Will Help Keep Your Kids Safe

Did you know that 37% of kids were victims of cyberbullying at least once? And that’s far from the only problem that you children might face while using their smartphones to connect to the World Wide Web. It’s your duty as a parent to provide your children with the maximum protection, so you need to find a way to keep them safe online. Luckily, there are many parental control apps that will help you achieve that.

Teens browsing social networks

Teens and Social Media: Tips for Parents on How to Keep Kids Safe

A recent survey of 1015 teens aged 11-19 showed that 300 of them were sexually harassed through social media within the last six months. What’s even more disturbing, the majority of these children didn’t report the abuse. This means that some of the surveyed teens might not have admitted it, so the actual number is actually bigger. And that’s only sexual harassment, the issue of cyberbullying happening through social media platforms is even more concerning as over 59% of teens have been bullied online at least once.

“Your Opinion Matters” – a New Contest Announcement

My dear readers,

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