Parents: The 5 Smartphone Tools You Need on Your Mobile

There is one thing every parent will agree on: We have far too much to do and far too little time. We need days of 48 hours instead of only 24 to go through our to-do list more effectively. Ultimately, it’s not easy to juggle your work with childcare responsibilities and household management. There’s a lot going on, and it often feels like you need an assistant to go through the day. But here’s the thing: You already have an assistant, and it sits comfortably in your back pocket. Your smartphone contains all the tools you need for a smooth and productive day. 

#1. Parental Control App

If your kids have a smartphone, installing a parental control app will ensure they can browse safely without risks. It’s important to figure precisely which app works best for your needs, whether you want to control their communication, screen time, or even restrict some websites and applications. There’s even an app that can ensure safe driving for teenagers by reducing distracted and dangerous driving. 

#2. Smart Home Hub

Are you worried the temperatures are dropping suddenly or you don’t have time to clean the house? With smart technologies, you can control your home directly from your phone, even if you are away. In a few clicks, you can adjust the temperature so the home is cosy when you come back in the evening. You can even get Alexa to start your vacuum robot. Most robots, such as the Roomba, can connect to the Amazon assistant and be managed remotely. You can relax and take care of everything even if you are not at home!

#3. Manage Kids Budget

The old days of pocket money are not gone, but the format of pocket money is changing dramatically. Nowadays, more and more kids use a card that is specifically designed for their age group. You can set up a pre-paid card for your child and control their expenses via an app. This will ensure they are not making unauthorised purchases and you can top it up in real time when they need it. So, whether they use the card for their lunch break or to buy something they like, you’re in charge of how they spend their money and can set strict rules if needed. 

#4. Manage Your Household Money

With many budgeting apps available, it is fair to say that you probably already have your household budget under control. But did you know you could also improve your household income on the go, using trading apps to monitor bonds, for example? Bond trading is a smart investment for beginners as they pay regular interest until the bond’s maturity. 

#5. Sell Everything You Don’t Need

Platforms such as eBay are especially useful for parents of young children and babies. Indeed, you will frequently need to update the nursery room to match their development. So you can use the app to sell items in good condition they don’t use anymore and search for second-hand items you need. You can pay in a few clicks via Paypal, so eBay is a fantastic market opportunity for mothers!

Your smartphone can help you make sense of the day, ensuring you can avoid unnecessary stress. From protecting your children to boosting your household income, there are some essential apps to make your day a little sweeter and easier. 

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