Top 5 Best Pack ‘n Play Playards for Boys

Baby boys grow fast and turn into little explorers, so the best pack n play for boy must be sturdy, safe, and able to hold your adventurer for a while. Luckily for parents, there are many models like that to fit any budget. Whether you are looking for an outright nursery station or a basic lightweight model for traveling, the list below will help find the perfect playpen for your boy.

Top 5 Pack N Play for Boy in 2021

RankBest Pack n Play 2020Key FeaturesAvailable ColorsCurrent Price
1Graco Pack ‘n Play Change ‘n Carry Playard
Changer with a changer pad
Wipe-clean fabrics
Fits toddlers up to 35’’
Nest bassinet
Mobile with soft toys
2Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard Snuggle Suite LX
Detachable infant seat with canopy
Full-size changing station
Two types of vibration
Music center playing soothing sounds
Storage organizer for essentials
3Joovy New Room2 Portable Playard
Huge play yard area (10 sq. feet)
Heavy-duty mattress
Low center of gravity for better stability
See-through mesh walls
Suitable for several children, perfect for twins
4Dream On Me Travel Light PlayYard
Lightweight and highly portable
Very easy to set up and fold
Comfy mattress with a built-in base plate
Mesh walls for easy ventilation and visibility
5Evenflo Portable Babysuite Deluxe Playard
Сhanger and full-size bassinet
Removable floor mat
Storage organizer for essentials
Wipe-to-clean fabric
Easy to fold and set up
Purple Orchid
Spearmint Spree

Graco Pack ‘n Play Change ‘n Carry Playard for Baby Boy

pack n play for boy

The Change ‘n Carry model from Graco is a fantastic pack n play for boy that parents will love for the ease of set up and maintenance.

The main distinguishing feature of this playard is a portable changing pad that you can use not only in the playard itself but anywhere else. It’s covered with wipe-clean fabric, so changing your baby becomes a breeze no matter where you are. The built-in changer storage also makes sure that your essentials are always on hand.

Featuring Graco’s signature push-button, which makes it easy to fold the playpen. The setup takes only a few moments and a carry-bag is included. The playpen can fit toddlers up to 35’’, who are unable to climb. The play yard also has a removable infant bassinet, which is very cozy and fits babies up to 15 lbs., who are unable to push up. There’s a mobile with soft toys in a very pleasant shade of green, which will be soothing for your boy and help develop his imagination and hand-to-eye coordination.

The Change ‘n Carry has mostly positive reviews. One reviewer, MP, commends the ease of setup as it only takes her moments to get the playard ready. Andrea W also adds that this item offers great value for money. Some reviewers are unsatisfied that the bassinet area is small because the top is split between it and the changer. However, it can comfortably fit babies who are not yet able to push up, like all bassinets should.


Portable changer pad
Wipe-to-clean fabrics
Easy to set up
Graco’s signature push-button for easy fold up
Infant bassinet


Bassinet only fits babies up to 15 lbs.
Top layer split between bassinet and changer

Graco Baby Boy Pack ‘n Play Playard Snuggle Suite LX

pack n play for boys


Snuggle Suite is not merely a baby boy playpen but a complete baby station featuring everything a parent might need from a changer to bouncer and even a music center.

Graco’s Snuggle Suite is the best pack n play for boy that you can find in its price-bracket. Not only is every part of this playard a “deluxe” quality, it also has a variety of features that ensure you will be using it for a while. First of all, there is an infant bassinet, which is removable so you can have your baby with you at all times. The soothing bouncer infant seat that has two types of vibration. The playpen also features a music center that will play a variety of soothing sounds. The seat has a canopy to increase your baby boy’s comfort.

Built-in storage allows you to keep all essentials on hand. There is also a changing pad that can fit babies up to 30 lbs. There’s also a look-light, so you will be able to easily check on your baby at night. The play yard will allow you and your baby to enjoy this item until they learn how to climb or grow 35’’ tall.

Ines, a reviewer, states that this playard is so great and multi-functional, she’s planning to use it instead of a nursery as she lives in a tiny apartment. Another reviewer, R. Villanueva, notes that this playpen is fantastic for infants as it grows with them. Some reviewers complain that it can be tricky to put together, but you can find online videos that can help.


Portable infant seat with a canopy
Full-size changing pad
Music center
Deluxe fabrics
Graco’s signature push-button for easy fold up
Storage organizer


Can be hard to set up
Bulky due to multiple sturdy components

Joovy New Room2 Portable Pack’n Play for boy

baby boy pack n play

If you are looking for a playpen that will fit several boys, the Room2 from Joovy is a great choice as it’s extra-large and very safe.

Sophisticated and minimalistic, Room2 is a great pack n play for boy because it offers a big and safe area for your little one to sleep and play. If you don’t like regular playards because they restrict the child’s movements too much, you’ll love this model because it’s much larger than the industry standard. Offering almost 10 square feet of space for your baby boy, this playpen has a low center of gravity and completely see-through mesh walls. This means that it’s as safe as such constructions can get.

The Room2 has a heavy-duty soft mattress that will easily hold several kids, so it’s a great option for parents of twins or for families with several kids close enough in age. It’s also a good option for playdates and you can use it outdoors. The playard is very easy to set up and it’s made of high-quality durable materials. Because of that and the size, it’s on the heavy side, but it can be easily transported in a handy bag. The mattress comes with a fitted waterproof sheet for easy cleaning.

Matt, who reviewed the product, said that the quality of the materials is very high, and Jason, another reviewer, notes that although the item is rather heavy, it’s spacey and easy to move due to wheels. A reviewer complained that their waterproof sheet shrank after washing, but that shouldn’t happen if you follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.


Extra-large playpen
Large mesh windows
Low center of gravity
Wheels for easy move
Easy to set up and take down
Waterproof fitted sheet included


No infant bassinet
No built-in storage

Dream On Me Travel Light Playard for baby boy

playard for baby boy

The Travel Light Play Yard by Dream On Me is extremely handy for traveling as it’s simple, lightweight, and easy to set up.

The Travel Light Play Yard model from Dream On Me is a great playpen for the times when you are on the go. When it’s folded, the playard is compact and lightweight, fitting nicely into the provided travel bag. This means that you can easily take it with you regardless of how exactly you choose to travel.

This is a good pack n play for boy whose parents appreciate simplicity and convenience. It doesn’t have any extra features but is made of high-quality durable materials. This means that the playpen offers great value for money. The mattress is soft and large, which means your baby will be comfy when they sleep. It also has a built-in base plate to keep the mattress level with the floor and provide your baby with more stability. The walls of the play yard are made of soft mesh so you can see your baby at all times.

Trevor Carson, who purchased this model, says that it takes about 45 seconds to set up and is of such a good quality it looks like new after three months of travel. R. Rivas comments that this playard is very easy to use and offers great value for money. One reviewer notes that this playpen didn’t work out for their 2-year-old toddler, who is 36’’. And it’s not a surprise because the model height restriction is 35’’ and it should only be used for kids who cannot climb yet.


Very easy to set up


No extra features
Mesh parts do not zip-off

Evenflo Portable Babysuite Deluxe Playard Review

pack and play for boys

The Portable Babysuite Deluxe Playard from Evenflo is cost-efficient, durable, and will meet your needs for many months as it goes from a bassinet to a playpen.

A stylish and efficient pack n play for boy, the Portable Babysuite Deluxe from Evenflo is a great investment for parents who appreciate convenience. It’s easy to set up and fold and comes with a carry bag that allows for easy transportation. The playpen has four handy modes that will allow you to use it in different ways as your baby grows. Starting with a full-size infant bassinet and a rotate-to-store changer pad.

There is also an organizer where you can store baby essentials and a small mobile with soft toys to help develop your baby boy’s coordination and imagination. The floor mat of the playard is removable and you can use it as a play mat for some tummy time. All fabrics are easy to clean.

Reviewers have different things to say about this model. B. Haywood says she loves the changing table construction that’s so easy to set up and remove. And Lauren commends the design and overall efficiency of the unit. Some reviewers note that instructions aren’t clear enough, but you should be able to find some helpful information on the correct set up online.


Great changer station
Stylish design
Storage organizer
Full-size infant bassinet


Hard mattress
Might be hard to put together

What to Look for in the Best Pack N Play for Boy

Growing boys need comfort and bright colors to help them grow healthy and develop their cognitive abilities. Therefore, when choosing a pack n play for boy, you should stick to models designed with the child’s comfort in mind. The mattress must be comfortable and have some support so the unit remains stable when your baby starts moving.

As to the color scheme, monochrome works best for infants as for the first months your little one only sees in black and white. Therefore, these colors offer good visual stimulation for babies. Shades of gray work as well, especially as your boy starts to grow.

It’s also a proven fact that blue is the favorite color for the majority of men. Therefore, you should consider playards for boys that feature elements in different shades of blue. The baby will start differentiating colors gradually and will be able to show you their preferences.

The playpen you buy must also be safe and stable as baby boys are notorious for being active and adventurous. Therefore, look for sturdier models that have extra-features for stability. Purchase play yards with steel details as those are more durable.

Remember that using a playard is not necessarily restricted to playtime. Many models today have an infant bassinet, so your baby will be able to sleep in it comfortably for months. Always purchase items with mesh walls and easy to clean fabrics. They are not only easier to maintain but are also safer for the baby.

In Conclusion: How to Be Sure You Chose the Best Pack N Play for Boy

Does the playpen have all the essential features you need? Is it made from high-quality materials? Does it have many positive reviews? Is it easy to set up and fold? Is it easy to clean?

If the answer to all of these questions is “yes”, you’ve found the best pack n play for your boy. If not, you should check out a different model from the list above.


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