Top 6 Best Pack and Play Playards with Bassinet

Your baby needs a pack n play with bassinet to ensure that they feel comfortable no matter where they are. Whether you set up the playpen in another room, in a park, or in a hotel room while traveling, it will provide your baby with a safe have of their own. The best pack and play should be sturdy and easy to set up and take down. It also should have some handy features, like toy bars or a changing table. It definitely must have a removable infant bassinet attachment so you can use the playard starting the first days of your little one’s life.

Top 5 Models of a Pack N Play with Bassinet

#Product NameKey FeaturesWeight, Height, Age LimitsCurrent Price
1Graco Pack ’n Play On the Go Playard
Removable infant bassinet
Toy bar attachment with 3 soft toys
Mesh walls for breathability and visibility
Foldable wheels and feet
Easy to fold and set up
Durable sturdy frame
Bassinet: for babies under 15 lbs. and unable to push up on hands and knees

Playard: for use by children less than 35” tall and unable to climb out

2Baby Trend Lil Snooze Deluxe 2 Nursery Center
Flip-away changing table with an extra storage pocket
Full-size infant bassinet
Removable newborn napper with a canopy and 2 toys
One-hand locking mechanism
Wheels with brakes for stability
Bassinet/Changing Table: birth to 4 months;
weight: up to 15 pounds;
height: up to 25 inches whichever comes firstNapper: birth to 3 months,
weight: up to 15 poundsPlay Yard: birth to 30 pounds or 35 inches
3Graco Pack ‘n Play Travel Dome LX Playard
Raised portable bassinet can be set up at your eye-level for nigh checks
Diaper changing pad with wipe-to-clean fabric
Bassinet has a canopy with 2 toys and UV protection 50
Full-size infant bassinet
Storage for essentials
Separate carry bags for playard and portable bassinet
Bassinet/Changing Table: under 15 lbs

Napper: under 3 months and unable to roll over

Playard: under 35″ tall and no more than 30 lbs, unable to climb out

4Evenflo Portable BabySuite DLX Playard
Full-size bassinet for infant
Diaper changing station
Playmat for the floor
Toddler playard
Toy bar with 3 toys
Playmat for the floor
Stylish storage organizer
Wipe-to-clean fabric
Easy to set up and fold
Bassinet: up to 15 lbs

Diaper Changing Station: up to 25 lbs

Playard: no more than 66.1 lbs

5Costzon Baby Playard 3 in 1
Water-resistant changing table
Sturdy stainless steel frame
Zipper game entrance on the playard
Removable bassinet
Electronic mobile with soft toys and music box and light
Large side storage
Weight Capacity: 30.8 lbs (baby at ages from 0-3)

Graco Pack ’n Play On the Go Playard

The Graco On the Go is a beautiful minimalistic playard perfect for traveling anywhere with your baby.

The pack and play On the Go is designed to be compact, The feet and wheels of this model fold automatically. This means it takes up little space and is very easy to both fold and set up. This is a pack n play with bassinet for your infant that’s removable. It also has a toy bar attachment that comes with three cute soft toys.

The infant bassinet is full-sized and removable. It’s safe to use for babies up to 15lbs. However, you should move the baby to the playpen proper as soon as they learn to push up and get on their hands and knees. The playard has mesh walls so you can see your baby anytime and from every angle. The frame is sturdy and you can always trust Graco quality.

Users of this pack and play love it, especially because it offers great value for money. Many users commend how easy this playpen to set up. Virginia Houk also adds how the mesh on this model is extremely strong. Some people dislike the toy bar because the strings are short and toys are rather uncreative. But you can easily attach any kind of toy you want to it. This kind of easy customization will also make your playard unique.


Very easy to set up/fold
Foldable wheels and feet
Full-size bassinet
Toy bar attachment


Very basic and design
Toys are mediocre and on short strings

Baby Trend Lil Snooze Deluxe 2 Nursery Center

The Lil Snooze by Baby Trend is a lovely all-in-one playpen that will grow with the baby from newborn to a toddler.

This pack n play with bassinet and a newborn napper offers everything a parent could want for a reasonable price. There’s a lovely napper for your infant. It’s removable and has a canopy, as well as two large hanging soft toys. Changing your baby is a breeze due to the flip-away changing table. It has a handy pocket for essentials.

The playard features a removable infant bassinet, full-sized. It’s safe for babies who cannot push up and weight less than 15lbs. The playpen is safe for toddlers up to 35’’ high. But note that you shouldn’t leave a child there unsupervised after they learn how to climb. You can easily move the pack and play around the house or anywhere else. The one-hand locking mechanism makes the model easy to set up. It comes with a travel bag and you can take it with you on any trip.

According to reviewers, the Lil Snooze is “awesome”. Robert McConnell says it’s perfect for them and he especially commends the handy storage pocket and color scheme. Carol Jo also adds that this is the best playard for those families who have little space. There are a few complaints about the mattress, but it’s usually not very good in all pack n plays. However, this model is standard size, so you can easily buy a better mattress for your baby’s comfort.


One-hand locking mechanism
Removable newborn napper
Full-size infant basinet
Flip-away changing table


Not easy to clean
Thin and hard mattress

Graco Pack ‘n Play Travel Dome LX Playard

The Travel Dome Deluxe by Graco is a great playard to use indoors and outdoors to provide your baby with comfort and safety.

If you are looking for a pack n play with bassinet that you can use anywhere, this is the best model for you. It features a removable bassinet attachment with a dome that protects your baby from UV rays and has two toys to keep them entertained. It also has a diaper changing pad, so cleaning and changing your baby would be easy no matter where you are. The bassinet is elevated when installed onto the playpen. This means you won’t even have to get out of bed for a nightly checkup as the piece is level with your eyes.

The playpen also features a full-size removable infant bassinet for when your baby is older. Use it until your little one learns how to push up or gains 15lbs of weight. The playpen has a storage on the side for essentials. The walls are transparent mesh so you can see your baby easily. The playard is sturdy and relatively easy to set up and fold as well as move around.

Parents who use this pack and play have many good things to say about it. SD says it’s sturdy and lasting as well as easy to set up. Bill A. adds that the thing is excellent as a secondary sleeping bed for any baby. Note that some parents don’t like that not all fabric parts are removable. However, they are still easy to clean with a wet cloth and a bit of soap.


Portable napper bassinet with canopy
Full-size removable infant bassinet
Changing pad
Storage for essentials


Not easy to clean
Assembling is tricky

Evenflo Portable BabySuite DLX Playard

The Evenflo portable BabySuite is a pack n play with bassinet, changer, and storage that will allow your baby to sleep and play in comfort no matter where you are.

This pack and play with a removable infant bassinet attachment can be used for babies and toddlers. The bassinet can hold infants up to 15lbs who cannot push up. The 4-in-1 model features a floor mat for tummy time, infant bassinet, diaper changer, and playpen for toddlers. The changer station is safe to use for babies up to 25lbs.

All fabric parts are wipe-to-clean to ensure easy care. The model also has a removable toy bar attachment with three cute toys. There is a very handy and stylish storage organizer for diapers and essentials. The portable playpen comes with a travel bag and is easy to move around.

Parents who use this playard say it’s a very good product. Glitch says the design is very good because it supports on all four sides, which prevents slumping. According to Jess.M. the piece is tricky to set up the first time, but after this it’s easy to both set up and fold. Note that the rails are hard to lock, so you’ll need to apply some strength to get them in place.


4-in-1 playpen
Full-size infant bassinet
Floor mat
Toy bar attachment with 3 toys
Storage organizer


Hard to put together for the first time
Reports of packages missing parts
Non-rigid storage compartment on Velcro straps

Costzon Baby Playard 3 in 1

The Costzon Baby Playard is good value for your money as it’s a 3-in-playpen to meet all parents’ needs.

This Costzon pack n play with bassinet, mobile, and roomy side storage provides your baby with a portable nursery. You can make sure that your little one is comfortable anywhere with a safe place to play and sleep. The mobile attachment keeps your baby entertained and helps them fall asleep. The mobile features a music box and a small light.

The playard is equipped with a removable infant bassinet. It has a side storage pocket that will easily fit all your baby essentials. There’s a removable diaper changer, which you can clean with a wet cloth. The pack and play is easy to set up and lightweight. Wheels make it easy to move around but can be secured in place with brakes.

Scott, one of the parents using this playpen, says his family used it constantly during the first month and the item was amazing. Another reviewer, Adalam2u, says the music the mobile plays is rather pleasant. There are some complaints that the playard is hard to put together. But you can solve that problem With some practice and YouTube videos.


Good value for money
Full-size infant bassinet
Changing table
Mobile with a music box and light


Hard to put together

How to Buy the Best Pack N Play with Bassinet for Your Baby: Considerations

It’s not easy to choose the best pack n play with bassinet because there are many great options on the market today. The majority of them are similar with a removable bassinet attachment, a toy bar of some kind, and, sometimes, a changing pad.

Many families use playard as a primary sleeping place for the baby, at least at first. If you plan to do this as well, remember to consider the following:

  • Materials that the playpen is made of should be certified as safe for the baby.
  • The pack n play must be easy to clean and sanitize.
  • The frame of the playpen must be sturdy and designed to be stable.
  • The wheels must have brakes to ensure the playard stays in place.
  • Any good playpen must have mesh walls for maximum breathability and to make it easy to see the child.

Those are the most important considerations. However, you also shouldn’t forget about many helpful features that make every model of a pack and play special in some way. The most handy among them are:

  • Storage organizers.
    They are usually removable and vary in size.
  • Changing table.
    Most hold a baby up to 25lbs, but this feature is superfluous if you already have a designated changing area.
  • Mobile or toy bar.
    Having a toy bar of some kind will help with your baby’s development. However, standard toys are usually not very good. Therefore, it might be best to replace them right away.

Finally, do not forget that the majority of playpen models have very thin low-quality mattresses. If you want your baby to be comfortable, it would be best to buy an additional mattress and sheets right away.

Pack n Play with Bassinet FAQ

Where to find graco pack n play bassinet replacement?

Graco Pack ‘n Play bassinet replacement can be ordered on via this link. You’ll need to enter the model number and the manufacturer date in the proper field, which can be found on a white sticker on the underside of your product. You can also contact Graco Consumer Care to check availability of the bassinet replacement at 1-800-345-4109.

Bassinet vs Pack’n Play

Bassinets are small and babies quickly outgrow them, thus they are only good for newborn naps. Pack ‘n plays are larger and much more multifunctional as they can be used as a playpen, a crib, or even as a changing table and a napper (if it has one). In contrary to bassinets, pack ‘n plays can be useful for at least a couple of years.

What is Pack n Play bassinet weight limit?

The pack ‘n play bassinet weight limit is typically around 15lbs.

Choose the Best Pack N Play with Bassinet for Baby’s Safety

A pack n play with bassinet must be sturdy, stable, and made of high-quality materials that are safe for the baby. These are the main considerations to keep in mind when shopping for a playpen. You also should consider how easy it would be to clean because your little one will have accidents. The infant bassinet attachment should be full-size. Otherwise, your baby will grow out of it too fast. You also should find out the weight and dimensions of the product so you are sure it will fit your room.