Best Crib Toys for Your Little Love: Buying Guide

Buying crib toys for your baby is difficult not only because it’s hard to choose among hundreds of options. But you also need to consider the safety of every toy for your infant and their educational value. The following list includes different types of toys that will help your baby relax, have fun, and learn.

7 Best Baby Crib Toys for Every Little Boy and Girl

#Product NameKey FeaturesSuitable AgeCurrent Price
1Meadow Days Take Along Mobile by Tiny Love
Three types of attachment, a Velcro strap, clip, and two-part attachment arm
Can be attached to crib, playard, bassinet, car seat, infant carrier, or stroller
30 minutes of music
Five soothing melodies and three cute toys
Runs on three AA batteries
0-6 months
2Spiral Activity Toy Caterpillar by Infantino
Three hanging toys with a mirror, rattle, and BPA-free teether
Can be attached to car seats and strollers
Bright colors and different textures to engage and promote the baby’s development
0 months+
3OBall Flex ‘n Go Activity Arch Take Along Toy by Bright Starts
Adjustable side clamps allow using the toy with anything from car seat to a playpen
Three removable toys
Four linky loops for attaching more hanging toys
0 months+
4Smart Stages Kick & Play Piano by Fisher-Price
Can be attached to a crib wall or used on the floor
Four settings: songs and melodies; educational songs about animals, colors, numbers, and shapes; educational phrases with music; piano notes
LED lights activating with the music
0-2 years
5Sea Dreams Soother Musical Crib Toy by Baby Einstein
Dimmer and winding-down music feature
Soothing ocean noises and pleasant music
Cool lights
Remote control
Can be turned on by the baby
Fits nearly all cribs
Runs on 4 CR5 batteries
0 months+
6Handbells Baby Rattles Toys by TUMAMA
Four toys in a set
Colorful and soft plush
Can be attached to strollers, car seats, crib, playard, etc.
Rattle hanging toys
Teethers attached to each toy
Built-in wind chime
0-12 months
7Baby Crib Mobile by KiddoLab
Rotating mobile with four toys
Starlight show projector
Soothing music, nature sounds, and lullabies
15-minute timer
Easy to attach with an adjustable knob
BPA-free and CPSC certified
0-5 months

Meadow Days Take Along Mobile Crib Toys by Tiny Love

The Meadow Days by Tiny Love is among the best mobile toys with soothing music and a 30-minute timer, which you can take anywhere.

This mobile is definitely one of the best crib toys for any infant because it looks amazing and plays five different soothing melodies. Your baby will enjoy playing with three cute toys, which will help the little one develop their hand-to-eye coordination.

Parents would appreciate the 30-minute timer, which allows you to leave five programmed melodies running. This means you won’t have to get back to reset it after every song. You can use the mobile anywhere because three types of attachments allow you to put it on almost anything. The Velcro strap can be used for infant carriers and the clip for the stroller or car seat. You can attach the two-part arm to any crib or playpen.

Some parents complain that grip isn’t strong enough. However, as explained by delighted AZmom, you simply need to attach it to the place where a horizontal bar meets a vertical bar for added stability. Reviewers love this product and Ian Bruce, in particular, praises how it helped keep his son calm during car rides.


5 melodies
Plays for 30 minutes
3 attachment fixtures


Tricky grip for the attachment hand

Spiral Activity Toy Caterpillar by Infantino

This lovely Spiral Activity Toy Caterpillar is a type of toy that can make car rides and stroller walks fun.

If your baby doesn’t enjoy spending time in their car seat or stroller, this type of toy is exactly what you need. It’ll keep them distracted and engaged, and help the infant practice reaching and grabbing. The toy is made of different materials with varying textures to encourage sensory play. It has a rattle, a small and safe mirror feature, and a BPA-free teether.

The spiral is attached to the car seat handle or stroller seat bar. It’s not considered a type of baby crib toys, but you can attach it to a crib as well. Please note that some users complain that the coil of the spiral is too tight, so it won’t extend to cover the entire car seat handle. But one well-educated parent, M. A., explains that this is so the toy can be pushed to the down side of the bar during the ride. It’s necessary for the baby’s safety.


3 hanging toys
Varying textures for sensory play
BPA-free teether


Tight coil
Not machine-washable

OBall Flex ‘n Go Activity Arch Take Along Hanging Toy

The OBall Activity Arch made of soft and very flexible material can be attached to anything, including cribs, car seats, strollers, and even the Bjorn Bouncer seat.

Whenever you need to entertain your infant and help them develop their batting and grabbing skills, this kind of baby crib toys will help. The OBall material is very flexible and the side clips are adjustable. This means you can attach the arch to nearly every surface.

Three rattle toys included in the package are colorful and fun. But if you want, you can replace them or add more using included linky loops. But be aware that parents using this arch warn that handing toys aren’t attached firmly. So, when the baby learns to grab and pool, they might pull them off. But it’s a clear sign that your baby has grown out of this toy. The majority of reviewers adore this arch and commend how it’s easy to attach and use creatively.


3 colorful detachable rattle toys
Loops for attaching additional toys
Very flexible so can be attached to anything


Not for very grabby babies

Smart Stages Kick & Play Piano by Fisher-Price

This adorable Kick & Play Piano can be used for learning and play since the baby learns to kick and up to when they turn into a toddler.

This type of baby crib toys can be used not only in the crib but also during tummy time and sit-up play. The mat is attached to the crib wall so your infant can activate buttons by kicking. There are four settings for this toy, which are both fun and educational. Level 1 will play instrumental music and songs on the press of every button (“key” on the piano) and can be active up to 15 minutes.

Levels 2 and 3 will play music and educational songs or phrases respectively. They will help the baby learn about shapes, colors, animals, numbers, and more. Level 4 emits piano key noises making it the first instrument for the infant.

Unlike the majority of musical toys for crib, this one has a high quality of music and songs and they aren’t annoying. Users love this “piano”, for example, Alison Miller commends how the sounds are pleasant and how her kicking infant loves it. Some parents don’t like that the music plays for a while after the baby presses the button, so it’s not the best toy for teaching cause-effect. But it offers educational value in other areas.


4 educational music settings
Can be attached to crib
First piano for the baby
LED lights


Buttons are stiff
Songs play for several seconds after the button is pressed

Sea Dreams Soother Musical Crib Toy by Baby Einstein

The Sea Dreams Soother is one of the best crib toys to help baby sleep as it’s soothing and winds down on its own.

Parents and babies both love this fine example of musical toys for crib. It’s very soothing and plays ocean noises and nice catchy melodies. The lighting effects are cool. The wind-down sound and dimming lights feature helps the baby fall asleep. Even an infant can turn the toy on kicking or hitting the big star. There’s a remote control that allows parents to turn the thing on and off from a distance of up to 12 feet.

This type of baby crib toys is a favorite for parents. It can be attached to most crib models and babies love it. One reviewer even remarks the toy offers all benefits of having an aquarium without maintenance. The only issue is that the battery life is very short. But you can solve it investing in two sets of rechargeable CR5 batteries.


pack n play sleeperVery soothing
Nice music
Ocean sounds
Auto wind-down
Remote control


Dries batteries fast

Handbells Baby Rattles with Teethers Soft Plush Early Development Toys

These Lovely baby crib toys by TUMAMA are soft, colorful, and fun for any infant to play with anytime.

There are lovely hanging toys that can be attached to a crib, stroller, playard, or car seat. They are made of soft plush with PP cotton filling. Each of the four toys in the set has a rattle and wind chime, which help keep the infant entertained. Hand-washing is recommended.

The overwhelming majority of reviews of these hanging toys are positive. Some people, who didn’t read the description carefully, complain that they’ve been expecting a music toy. But you can’t really hope to get four musical toys for crib so cheap.


pack n play sleeper4 hanging toys in one set
Versatile in use


NOT musical toys for crib

Baby Crib Mobile with Lights and Relaxing Music

This is a very cute rotating mobile with soft toys and a ceiling starlight projector that plays three types of soothing melodies.

This model is among the most popular baby crib toys because it looks great and helps soothe and entertain the baby. Plush mobile toys rotate and you can turn on the ceiling light that will project stars and moon onto the nursery walls. There are three sound settings, soothing melodies, lullabies, and nature sounds. The adjustable knob allows for easy attachment to any crib or playpen.

The majority of this mobile’s reviews go along the lines of “Perfect!”, “Awesome!” and “Baby loves it!” Some parents report that the light is too weak to project, but that’s not the main feature of the product. Try making the room darker for the projector to work better or change the batteries.


pack n play sleeperRotating mobile
3 music settings
Starlight ceiling projector
4 colorful soft toys


Weak light
Sometimes glitchy music
0-5 months only

What Are the Best Baby Crib Toys?

There is no such thing as the “best kind of baby crib toys” because each of the types available today has its own strengths and weaknesses. Also, these items often have very different purposes. Some of them are meant to be a distraction while others aim to educate or soothe. Also, your child will, most likely, love all of them. Therefore, you should consider buying several toys, each to be used in different situations.

Mobile Toys

Mobiles are perfect for an infant who needs some distraction and entertainment to both keep them engaged when awake and help soothe them to sleep. Therefore, mobiles often have music and light features in different settings.

They also have soft plush toys to help develop the baby’s hand-to-eye coordination. But they are usually not safe to use after your little one learns how to pull. The mobile might tip over and hurt the baby. That’s also why a secure attachment fixture is the most important consideration for this type of toys.

Musical Toys for Crib

Musical toys can be educational or help the baby sleep, depending on the kind of music they play. They usually run on batteries and will use them up really fast. Therefore, when buying this type of toy, you should also buy rechargeable batteries. Buy two sets so your baby can play while one charges.

The clarity of sound is the most important consideration for such toys. Poor-quality electronics may emit annoying noises that will hurt the baby. That’s why it’s usually best to buy such products from trusted brands renowned for their quality.

Hanging Toys

Hanging toys are very simple and usually have rattles and teethers in the design. They need to be soft and made of non-toxic certified materials.

It’s important to assess the quality of the clip or ring used to attach the toy. Your baby shouldn’t be able to pull it off. Hanging baby crib toys can be used not only with cribs but also to entertain an infant in a bassinet, or a car seat, or strollers. They are versatile and an absolute must-have for every family.

Crib Toys to Help Baby Sleep

Crib toys that help your baby sleep usually are variations of musical toys with a nightlight feature. The quality of music and the melodies themselves matter most in these products. You also need to be 100% sure that this electrical toy is safe and won’t catch fire.

In Conclusion: How to Buy the Best Crib Toys for Baby’s Development

When shopping for baby crib toys, you have to remember that safety is the most important feature. Therefore, choose mobile toys with secure attachments and hanging toys with high-quality rings or clips. In musical toys for crib you should consider the sounds as they need to be clear and not too loud. Crib toys to help your baby sleep should be soothing and have a volume control setting.