Buy a Great Pack N Play Playard Organizer: Top 5 Models on the Market

Few playpens today have good diaper organizers included, so shopping for a high-quality pack n play organizer is often a must. When looking for this item, you need to consider not only how many essentials it can fit but also whether it’ll be easy to use for you. The best of playard diaper organizers are lightweight but sturdy, have hooks to attach securely to the playpen, and are reinforced to prevent sagging.

The following items have all these qualities and more.

5 Best Pack N Play Organizer Models this Year

#Product NameKey FeaturesStorage Space/Size/CapacityCurrent Price
1COCODE Hanging Diaper Caddy and Nursery Organize
Versatile hanging caddy with multiple compartments and pockets
Fits up to 11 pounds of baby essentials
Large layered storage place
Mesh pockets on both sides of the caddy
Reinforced shelves
Stain-resistant and washable fabrics
Has a two-layer storage place and two mesh pockets on both sides.

Product dimension:
12.2″ × 7.9″ × 16.5″.

Fits up to 40 diapers.

2Maliton Diaper Caddy Organizer
4 plastic boards reinforce the construction to make it sturdy and prevent sagging
Can fit any wipe warmer and multiple baby products on top
Can be attached to any crib or playpen
Has 5 mesh side pockets for essentials.

Product dimension:
10.5″ × 8″ × 18.5″.

Fits up to 52 diapers.

3Magicfly Playard Diaper Organizer
Very sturdy and reinforced with plastic boards
Multiple hanging options
Extra-large fitting
Has 4 mesh pockets for essentials.

Product dimension:
10.5″ × 8″ × 18.5″.

Fits 52+ biggest diapers and a bulky wipe warmer with other baby products, like lotions.

4Selbor Nursery Diaper Organizer
The organizer is lightweight and easy to set up, take down, fold, and transport
Reinforced panels and multiple attachment capabilities
Has 7 mesh pockets and a deep upper compartment for a wipe warmer and bottles.

Product dimension:
10.2″ × 8″ × 16″.

Fits up to 30 diapers.

5Dexbaby Playard Diaper Caddy and Nursery Organizer
Simple and efficient design
Can be attached to all play yard models
Has a compartment for a wipe warmer with additional mesh pockets.

Product Dimension:
10.5″ × 9″ × 17″.

Fits up to 52 diapers.

COCODE Hanging Diaper Caddy and Nursery Organize

pack n play organizer

This pack n play playard organizer is very convenient and versatile, but most importantly it’s extra heavy-duty.

If you are one of those parents who need a lot of essentials near their baby, this COCODE Hanging Diaper Caddy is a good choice. It’s not overly large but it fits multiple items up to 11 pounds in combined weight. Moreover, you can easily attach it to a playpen, crib, an even a door or wall. There are two sturdy hooks and two straps to keep the caddy secure.

The diaper organizer offers a two-layer storage space that fits diapers as well as bottles of lotion, baby powder, and other essentials. There are large mesh pockets on either side that you can use for storing towels, wipes, clothing, etc.

The material of the caddy is polyester and its design is simple but functional. It’s completely BPA-free and safe to install close to your baby. The fabric is both washable and stain resistant. Therefore, keeping this pack and play organizer will be easy.

According to reviews, this model is very popular. Brianna Lehman commends how this model fits her pack n play perfectly and Tea Mizbah also notes a perfect fit for her bassinet. Reviewers also note that the quality of the materials is high. A few reviewers complain that this organizer is too small for them. Consider product dimensions (16.5’’x12.2’’x7.9’’) carefully when choosing to avoid such problems.


Sturdy and high-quality materials
Fits up to 11 pounds of essentials
Very easy to attach to different surfaces
Simple but stylish design


Not very big

Maliton Diaper Caddy Pack And Play Organizer

pack n play diaper organizer

This pack n play playard organizer is extra-large and very sturdy, which makes it a great choice for parents who want to be well-prepared.

One of the biggest issues you’ll face when shopping for a pack n play diaper organizer is that they are too small to fit the multitude of baby essentials you need. This model doesn’t have this problem because it’s not only large enough to fit even large wipe warmers and 52 diapers with lotions, toys, and powder on top. It’s also reinforced with four plastic panels to prevent sagging.

The material is BPA-free polyester in a stylish unisex gray design. It’s easy to clean and set up. This playard diaper organizer can be fixed to any kind of crib or playpen using either sturdy clip hooks or adjustable buckle straps.

Users, like Paula, commend how easy the item is to set up and how spacious it is. Many people also like this model because it can be fixed to anything, which is rare for play yard organizers. Straps might be shorter than some would have liked, but you can use hooks instead.


Quite big
Reinforced panels
Has hooks and straps


Straps are short
Might tilt when fully loaded

Magicfly Playard Diaper Organizer

graco pack n play diaper organizer

The Magicfly pack n play organizer is extra-large to fit all your necessities, 50+ diapers and a wipe warmer, and all of that in a stylish package.

If you need a large and sturdy pack n play diaper organizer, this model is a good investment. It has four reinforced plastic panels and a multiple-hanging system that allows you to attach the piece to anything, including a modern thick-bar crib, a playpen, and a wall.

The playard diaper organizer itself has four high-quality mesh pockets on the sides for essentials as well as large diaper compartment for 52+ large diapers and a compartment for lotions, powder and a wipe warmer. The materials are 600D polyester and Oxford cloth that are non-toxic and very easy to clean.

The item has mostly 5 and 4-star reviews. One of the reviewers, Joan E Mitchell, says it’s a sturdy organizer that fits absolutely everything they need. Still, it’s not big enough for some users who attach it to a crib or changing table, but it’s a good fit for a play yard as you won’t need to fit all your nursery into it.


4 reinforced panels
Multiple hanging options


Heavy wipe packs might slide off the top
No assembly directions

Selbor Nursery Organizer

playard organizer

The cute Selbor pack n play diaper organizer is a perfect fit for playpens because it’s easy to transport and set up, compact, and has multiple compartments to keep all essentials on hand.

This pack n play playard organizer isn’t the largest, but it’s designed for convenience and use with a playpen, which means it will be perfect for parents on the go. It’s sturdy and has metal-edged holes, sturdy hooks, and straps (2 each) to allow you attach it to any pack and play, crib, changing table, or even a car seat.

This playard diaper organizer doesn’t sag due to four reinforced panels. It’s made of BPA-free material that’s easy to clean and has a cure design. It will fit up to 30 diapers and a variety of bottles and essentials in seven elastic mesh pockets. The upper compartment is deep to fit even a big wipe warmer and bottles.

The product has very high customer approval rating and, according to Nicole Li, the quality of the product is high. The item is very sturdy, comments Heather parker who has been using it in her son’s nursery. Some reviewers complain that this playard diaper organizer is small, but this model is designed to be compact to make it easily portable.


Very efficient design
Many pockets and compartments


Not very big

Dexbaby Playard Diaper Caddy and Nursery Organizer

dexbaby playard organizer

Designed specifically to fit all popular pack and play models the Dexbaby diaper organizer is easy to transport and will hold all important baby essentials.

The pack n play playard organizer by Dexbaby is a perfect fit for any play yard and it will ensure all your changing essentials are within easy reach. The materials are non-toxic and you can clean the product with a damp cloth.

This playard diaper organizer will fit multiple diapers as well as bottles of lotion and baby powder, toys, and other small items. It has a large top compartment for a wipe warmer. Most importantly, this organizer is easy to transport with your playpen and set up anywhere in moments.

Many customers are very satisfied with the Dexbaby pack n play diaper organizer because of its design. Sunny Singh, who is a nurse, thinks that this organizer is great and very convenient for parents. Other reviewers also add that this model is very efficient. Some say that it sags when loaded with heavy items, but for that price, the item offers great value.


pack n play sleeperLarge top compartment
Efficient design


Might sag when loaded

Is the Pack N Play Playard Organizer You’ve Chosen the Best?

A pack n play diaper organizer must be convenient for parents. If the one you have meets all your personal needs, it truly is the best one for you. These items mostly differ in the number and design of pockets, so choosing what’s best is often a matter of personal preference.

Of course, a good pack n play playard organizer should be sturdy and durable to securely hold all the essentials you need. However, whether it needs four reinforced panels or two or none at all depends on how you plan to use it.

If you only need this product to use when traveling with a playpen, a lightweight model with minimum reinforcement and several mesh pockets will be best as it’s easy to transport and takes less then a minute to set up. However, if you want to use a playard diaper organizer as a permanent fixture in the nursery, you will need a larger and sturdier model with 4-panel reinforcement and multiple hanging features so you can attach it to anything.

Be sure to check if the item is made of BPA-free non-toxic materials and how easy it will be to clean. The majority of these products are made of some type f cloth-covered polyurethane.

Final Thoughts on How to Buy the Best Pack N Play Playard Organizer

Like with all baby products, quality is the most important factor to keep in mind when shopping for a playard diaper organizer. In this case, size matters as well because investing in an item that’s too small to meet your needs will be a waste of money. Study product descriptions and dimensions carefully so you can be sure that the pack n play playard organizer you order is exactly what you and your baby need at this point. These models are rather universal, so you shouldn’t have any problems with attaching them to any kind of playpen.