5 Best Pack n Play for Girls 2021 (UPDATED) – Top Girl Play Yard Review

If you need to shop a pack n play for a girl you’ll be overwhelmed by the multitude of great and cute models available. They are versatile and some offer all nursery essentials so you can use them as a replacement for the room.

>However, the most important features for a playpen for girl are always the safety and efficiency of the model’s design. These top five products are all safe for your baby, so choose whichever fits your family’s requirements best.

What’s the Best Playard for Baby Girl? Check Out Top 5 Options

RankBest Pack n Play 2021Key FeaturesAvailable ColorsCurrent Price
Removable portable napper
The napper turns into an infant seat
Mobile and music center
Vibration features
Heavy-duty changer station with storage
Full-size infant bassinet equipped with a mobile and soft toys
Removable mesh storage organizer for essentials
One-hand locking mechanism.
Wheels with brakes for mobility and stability.
Removable infant bassinet with a removable toy bar and a flip-away changer.
One-hand locking mechanism and large wheels.
Brakes for extra-security.
Full-size infant bassinet
Removable toy arch with cute Disney toys
Deluxe-quality organizer with a wipes container
Changer pad with wipe-to-clean fabric
Easy to move around and transport
Full-size infant bassinet
Cute mobile with soft toys
Sturdy changer pad with easy-to-clean fabric.
Stylish carry bag
Storage pockets for essentials
Zipper game entrance

Graco Pack ‘n Play Girl Nearby Napper Playard


The Nearby Napper Playard by Graco is your all-in-one baby care station that will grow with your princess from an infant seat and napper to a toddler playpen.

If you want your baby to be with you at all times and are looking for a pack and play that will meet all your needs for a while, the Nearby Napper model by Graco will be perfect for you. By buying this item you get not only a playpen that your toddler will be able to enjoy until they grow over 35’’ high or learn how to climb. You also get an infant bassinet, which can be adjusted to be flat or inclined. It’s removable and portable, so you can keep your baby close to you. The construction also has a vibration function to help rock and soothe your little princess.

This model of Graco’s also makes a great pack n play for a girl because it includes a mobile with cute soft toys that will help your princess develop her coordination and imagination. There’s also a music center that plays soothing sounds. Finally, parents will appreciate a changer that can accommodate babies up to 30 lbs. and a built-in storage organizer for all your baby essentials.

One customer claims that this play yard is perfect for parents who live in small apartments and don’t have a chance to build a nursery. Another reviewer, Cassey, adds that she loves it because it meets all her needs. Some reviewers complain that it’s difficult to put together, but that’s because the item has so many great features. You can find helpful setup video guides online.


Portable infant bassinet
Changer up to 30 lbs.
Graco’s signature push-button for easy folding
Music center
Storage organizer


Might be hard to put together
Takes a while to set up

Baby Trend E Nursery Center Pack n Play with bassinet for girl

The Trend E Nursery Center from Baby Trend is an easily-portable and highly efficient playpen perfect for babies from birth to toddlers up to 35’’.

If you are looking for a cute and stylish pack n play for a girl, the Trend E Nursery Center in the April color-scheme will be a good choice. It’s very easy to set up and take down, with the one-hand locking mechanism making it this process even faster. The playpen is compact when folded and it’s easy to transport it wherever. There’s also a mesh organizer for baby essentials that you can use as needed.

The playard has a full-size bassinet for infant girls up to 15 lbs. Note that you shouldn’t use it after your baby learns how to pull herself up. There’s a mobile with cute toys to keep your baby entertained. The play yard itself is spacious and easy to move around due to wheels. They have secure brakes to ensure the pack and play stays in place.

Lindsay Stehly, who purchased the item, says it’s very durable and praises the cute design. Another reviewer, who uses it for their grandchild, commends how sturdy the unit is. Some people say that it can be tricky to set up and take down. But you should be able to learn how to do it fast through a bit of practice.


Full-size infant bassinet
Cute design
Mesh organizer for essentials
Wheels with brakes
Mobile with soft toys


Can be hard to set up and take down
No changer pad

Baby Trend Lil Snooze Deluxe Baby girl play yard

The Lil Snooze Deluxe is a deluxe-quality play yard with an infant bassinet, designed to ensure maximum comfort for babies and parents alike.

This model from Baby Trend is a cute and efficient pack n play for a girl whose parents want to get great value for their money. The playpen will grow with your baby as you can start using it as soon as you arrive home from the clinic. The infant bassinet is removable, so you can keep the baby close to you at all times. It also has a toy bar over it with cute soft toys. You can remove the bar if desired. And there’s a comfy napper for your baby as well.

The Flora model has a beautiful design, but for a parent the easy-to-use changer will be far more important. This playard is easy to set up as a whole and you can move it around the house due to large sturdy wheels. When in perfect position, lock them in place with brakes. There’s a storage bag included for necessities and the folded pack and play fits snugly into a tote travel bag.

Robert McConnell says that this playpen is “awesome” and “probably the best”. Many other reviewers agree, commending the efficient design and diverse features of the model, which is highly affordable. Some users complain about the tricky instructions, but there are many helpful videos that show how to put it together.


Removable bassinet
Infant napper
Removable toy bar
Flip-away changer
Sturdy construction


Playpen pad cover can’t be removed for cleaning
Tricky to set up

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Sweet Wonder Play Yard for Girl

a convenient playard for your baby

The Baby Minnie Mouse Playard from Disney is adorable and efficient due to having a great organizer for necessities, a changer pad, and an infant bassinet.

Are you searching for a truly cute and adorable pack n play for a girl, which you can take with you when traveling? Consider the Baby Minnie Mouse play yard by Disney as it amounts to a portable nursery. There is an easy-to-clean changer pad and a full-size infant bassinet. As it’s a Disney product for your little princess, it also features a detachable toy arch with cute Minnie-themed soft toys.

The mode’s outstanding feature is a big organizer for baby essentials. It even has a wipes container and will easily fit everything a parent might need. The playpen itself is very easy to set up and move around. Most importantly, you can take it down fast and pack into a carry bag. This means that the pack and play is great for traveling.

Many reviewers say positive things about this model, like Jamie, who praises the efficiency and beauty of the design, or Priscilla Wright, whose family use it as their baby girl’s primary sleeping place. Some reviewers complain that they couldn’t find instructions and took a while setting it up the first time. The instructions are provided but they are attached to the back of the mattress, so be sure to look for them.


Full-size infant bassinet
Wipe-to-clean changer pad
Big and very efficient organizer for essentials
Cute design and Disney toys


Changer pad isn’t very big
Can be difficult to put together at first

Costzon Baby Girls Pack n Play

The Costzon playard offers great value for money with its multiple features, high quality and stylish design.

Cheap, efficient, and stylish are all fitting description for this adorable pack n play for a girl from Costzone. The model features a sturdy steel construction with a flip-away changer pad and high-quality Oxford fabric that’s easy to clean. All that comes for a low price, but you also get cool features like a music box with vibration and lights. There is a mobile with toys to keep your little princess entertained as well.

The playpen is roomy and has a fun zipper game entrance. The side walls are see-through mesh for good ventilation. There is an infant bassinet for your baby to nap in until they grow to 15 lbs. Storage pockets at the sides also help keep changing essentials on hand. The playard is highly portable and can be moved around easily as it has two wheels with built-in brakes for stability.

Reviewers praise this model very much due to it offering good value for money. Mirium McManus says that the changer pad is of a very high quality and sturdy, and Brittany commends good design and quality for very little money. A common complaint is a set up issue, but you can resolve it quickly if you only lock the sides into place securely before you push down the bottom.


pack n play sleeperGood value for money
Music box with vibration and lights
High-quality materials
Full-size infant bassinet
Sturdy changer


Tricky set up (need to lock sides first)
Sounds from the music box might be jarring

What Are the Most Important Features in a Pack N Play for a Girl?

Safety and quality of materials are the most important features for any playard, be it for girls or boys. When shopping for this item you need to consider:

  • Materials.
    The best models have a steel frame and high-quality wipe-to-clean fabrics.
  • Design.
    Depending on your needs, your pack n play for girl could feature an infant napper and changer pad at minimum. There are also models with extra features like a portable seat, music center, vibration, storage, etc.
  • Durability.
    Study customer reviews to learn what people have to say about the quality and durability of the pieces.

Should Your Pack and Play for a Girl Be Pink?

It’s traditional to surround little girls with all things pink. However, it’s believed that this “tradition” was born out of a simple marketing campaign. Therefore, there is no need to make sure that a pack n play for a girl is pink. So, if you like a lilac model better, go ahead.

However, it’s important to understand that bright colors are important for the baby’s cognitive development. And “bright” is an essential factor here, so soothing mint or lavender aren’t good choices for your little one’s nursery. From this point of view, the playards for girls, which feature a lot of bright pink along with contrasting black and white, make for a great environment that helps your baby girl develop her mind and color vision.

Final Thoughts on Buying the Best Playpen for a Girl

When shopping for a pack n play for a girl, you need to pay most attention to the item’s quality and safety. Next, consider which extra-features you need and can reasonably afford. Leave the design for last as all items made for princesses are cute by default.