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Baby Trend Nursery Center Playard Review

Baby Trend Nursery Center Playard is good, because it has the same functions as most playards, but it is significantly cheaper. Why pay a fortune for a tool that you will use for a year maximum? This playard set includes a removable bassinet and a mobile with soft toys. It is extremely convenient to use at home or while travelling to see your close friends or dear family members. Also, it is a great alternative for a full-on crib at the grandparents` house. Leaving a baby there for a night or two can be an amazing idea, but usually the sleeping space is the problem. The removable bassinet from this set will solve it immediately. Baby Trend Nursery Center Playard is a reasonable and affordable purchase.

Key Features

My Experience with This Playard
  • Comform
  • Usability
  • Safety
  • Pricing


An absolutely amazing playard that costs much less than average playards. So why pay more?


Use the bassinet for a cozy nap during the day or remove it and let your baby play in the playard, while dealing with your errands.


Mesh on the sides ensures that your baby will always have enough air, while napping in the bassinet or playing in the playard.


Perfect for taking with you on a trip or a family visit. You won`t have to worry about a place for your baby to nap or sleep in, or even just safely play, if you get Baby Trend Nursery Center Playard.

Easy to Use

This playard is light, and it has big wheels with brakes. So, it is very easy to move it from one part of your home to the other. Thanks to the one-hand locking mechanism, folding and packing it into the special travel bag is not a problem either.

Entertaining and Useful

A mobile with three soft toys can add some fun into your baby`s life and stimulate the eye-hand coordination. This is a tool that can be very helpful, when there is a need to distract your little one.

Features and Specifications

  • The weight is 24.4 pounds.
  • The dimensions are 30.4 x 10.5 x 10.2 inches.
  • Soft parts of the playard and bassinet are made out of polyester.
  • A removable full-size bassinet is a part of the set.
  • A removable mobile with three soft toys is included.
  • A special sheet is included in the set.
  • Special travel bag is included.
  • One-hand locking mechanism.
  • Large wheels with brakes

What Customers Are Saying

In general, customers are happy with the correlation between the quality and the price of this product. Some of them had previously used more expensive playards and pointed out that it made no sense to overpay, if you could buy Baby Trend Nursery Center Playard and get the same thing for a much lower price.

There were customers who had difficulties with folding and unfolding the playard, but there is an instruction that must help. Also, you can always contact the company and let them know if something is significantly wrong. They will be more than happy to assist.

Some families used it for a few children and pointed out that both the playard, and the bassinet were decent even after that.  Overall, people who have chosen this playard, remained satisfied and recommended it to others.

Who Should Buy This Product

Baby Trend Nursery Center Playard is a perfect option for parents who travel a lot or grandparents. If you want to go on trips with a newborn, you will need a portable crib. A bassinet is exactly that. And if you want to leave your baby with the grandparents over for a night or two on a regular basis without having to buy a full-size crib right away, this is a great alternative. The baby will be able to sleep in it for the first few months, and will play in it later. It is light and easy to transport, so you can move it around your house easily. Consider buying this playard to make the life of the baby – safer and more fun, and yours – easier.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Does this set include a mattress?
A: Yes, it does, and it is thicker than most mattresses in similar sets.

Q: When should we stop using it?
A: When your baby`s weight is over 15 pounds.

Q: Is it possible to remove the mobile?
A: Yes, it is easily removable.

Q: Does this set include a travel bag?
A: Yes, there is a special travel bag.

Q: Is it okay to let the baby sleep in the bassinet all the time?
A: You can do so, but only for the first few months.

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