TOP-5 Pack ‘n Play Mattress Models for Your Playard

After choosing the right playard for your child, the next challenge is to choose the safest pack ‘n play playard mattress. I faced this challenge before and used my research skills to make the right decision. The thing is that not all pack and plays require an additional mattress, except as a replacement. So, it’s very important to check what the product developers say about the unit you have. After you do, see what I’ve gathered in the list of the best playpen mattress models out there.

Reviews of the TOP-5 Best P​ack ‘n Play Playard Mattress Models

Dream On Me Foam Pack and Play Mattress

This mattress got about 65% 5-star ratings due to its safety. The manufacturer states that all their products meet the 16 CFR 1632 /1633 Federal Flammability Standards as well as ASTM Standards. And by far, many parents reviewing this particular product mention that it doesn’t have any chemical odors.

The item is 90% foam, the other 10% is vinyl (cover), which prevents liquids permeating the material. The binding is waterproof and antibacterial, so it doesn’t allow mold and odors access the inside of the mattress, unlike cotton binding. The materials are firm, which makes this model safe for infants to sleep in. However, some people say it’s too hard for their taste.

The dimensions of the model are 25.5×37.5 inches, with thickness and weight of 3 inches and 3 pounds respectively. The minimum weight recommendation for this model is 6 pounds, and the maximum is 25 pounds.

Some reviewers have used the item as a replacement for their original pack and play mattress, and in some cases it was even better than the original. Parents also use it on top of another mattress, saying the construction turned up to be too high for the babies that already can roll over. So, it’s not recommended to use two items at once.


  • It fits well to most PnPs
  • This pack ‘n play playard mattress model is safe for infants
  • It has no chemical odor
  • It makes playards more comfortable to sleep in


  • It might be too hard for some children
  • There’s little information from the manufacturer as to the playards it fits
  • It isn’t foldable and doesn’t fit into the PnP travel bags

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Milliard Pack and Play Mattress Foldable

This model got almost 90% of 5-star ratings due to its foldability. Also, the lining of this playard mattress is water and fireproof. It’s also soft enough to assist in accidents during playtime but firm enough to ensure the right position of the baby while sleeping. However, some parents state that it wouldn’t be the best choice if you have a baby that is under 1 year old. They say it’s still quite soft and can obstruct the child’s breathing if unsupervised.

The reviewers are quite pleased with the materials used. The waterproof cover doesn’t make sounds like plastic, it’s soft and can be washed easily. There’s no chemical smell, the item is foam, the cover – polyester, vinyl.

The dimensions of this pack ‘n play playard mattress are 38×26 inches, its thickness is 1.5 inches, and the weight is about 5 pounds. The manufacturer recommends to allow the foam to return to its initial state, which may take about 24-48 hours. However, the reviews state that it takes much less time.


  • It is foldable, very convenient for travel and sleepovers
  • It has a removable washable cover
  • It has no chemical odor
  • The cover is water and fireproof
  • It can be used its own, without a PnP


  • It may be too soft for infants, the instructions state unsupervised usage for children under 1 year isn’t recommended
  • It may be not thick enough

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Dream On Me, 3″ Inner Spring Carina Collection Pack N Play Mattress

This product has about 80% 5-star ratings due to its inner springs that make it more comfortable. It provides more support than simple foam mattresses. The springs are located between the layers of the padding or cotton base. It’s very good for the children who need firmer surface to sleep on.

Many reviewers say that their children who usually wake up during nights started to sleep well through the night. They also highlight the quality of this pack ‘n play playard mattress comparing to the original pads and mattresses that go with playards. Some recommend to use the original padding as the base for the new item.

The dimensions of the item are 37.5×25.5 inches, the thickness is 3 inches, and the weight is 3 pounds. The manufacturer doesn’t recommend using any additional cushions, comforters, pillows, or additional mattresses on top of the product. Besides, as well as all the products of the company, this particular item meets the Federal Standard Flammability Standard 16-CFR 1632, which many parents find reassuring.


  • It gives more support due to the inner springs embedded into its construction
  • It fits most standard PnPs
  • It has no chemical odor
  • It doesn’t make noises, creates a good sleeping environment
  • It comes with a waterproof cover


  • It can’t be rolled or folded; difficult to travel with
  • There might be too little padding
  • May be too bouncy

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Dream On Me 5″ Inner Spring Play Yard Mattress, White/Blue

This product got 75% of 5-star ratings due to the comfort level. Most parents state their babies sleep much tighter and longer thanks to this pack ‘n play playard mattress. It’s also quite safe, meets the same federal standards the other products of the manufacturer do.

It fits best with the same company’s sleeping furniture, but can fit many standard pack ‘n plays. Some reviewers say that although it was too small for their PnP (for about an inch-two), they used a quilt or a towel on the side, and it’s still worth it.

Parents say they enjoy travel with a pack and play and this particular mattress. Children sleep well both in cars while their parents are driving and on site, not breaking their schedule. However, it’s not foldable, so moving it around might be more difficult than carrying the actual pack ‘n play.

The dimensions of the model are 37.5×25.5 inches, its thickness is 5 inches, and the weight is 6.5 pounds. The materials are hypoallergenic and antibacterial.


  • It provides better support due to the embedded springs
  • The materials used are hypoallergenic
  • It has no chemical odor
  • It improves sleeping environment
  • It’s relatively easy to travel by car with it


  • Mattress cover is a bit difficult to put on
  • It might be a bit high, depending on the pack and play
  • Needs a sheet that fits a 5-inch pack ‘n play playard mattress
  • It’s not foldable

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Folding Pack n Play Mattress: Firm & Light Foam Core by Sproutwise Kids

This model as astonishing 93% of 5-star reviews. However, there are only 15 reviews of this product. Still, it has pretty many great qualities, starting with it’s foldability that makes it much easier to travel with.

As it folds, it’s very convenient to travel with it. The item isn’t so heavy, so you can take it along with your pack and play on a train or a plane. It’s also said it’s environmentally friendly, which is very important for many parents.

The dimensions of this playpen mattress are 38×25 inches, the thickness is 2 inches, and the weight is about 4 pounds. he manufacturer doesn’t recommend to use this playpen mattress if its measurements are at least ½ inches smaller than the bedding of your PnP.


  • It fits most pack and plays
  • The cover is machine washable, gentle cycle is recommended
  • It has no chemical odor
  • It improves sleeping environment
  • It’s relatively easy to travel by car with it


  • This pack ‘n play playard mattress may be too thin
  • It doesn’t fit some models of pack and plays, please check

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A Guide to Buying a Perfect Playard Mattress

The mattress is as important as the pack and play itself. Its quality is important as the baby sleeps on it for most of the time as an infant and much time as a toddler. For infants it’s the most valuable as they learn to roll over with time. If the mattress is too soft, the baby’s head may sag, which might result in breath obstruction.

Infants sleep about 18 hours a day, so you see how important it is to find the best mattress.

  • Make sure it fits well into the pack and play.
    Not all PnPs are the same size, so you should measure yours before deciding on the mattress. Give a couple of inches to make the perfect product. You can also ask a question whether the actual size is suitable for the unit you have.
  • Choose the right type of mattress.
    Most mattresses are foam or inner spring type. Foam items consist of, well, foam and the casing. I used such products and they are quite good. However, some other parents prefer inner spring models, because they provide more support. It’s for the parents to choose, and to the pediatricians (if you have one).
  • Choose the right materials.
    Some manufacturers don’t talk a lot about the materials they use for their products. Pay attention to the specifications the companies give when promoting their products. Hypoallergenic fabrics are the best. Also, pack ‘n play playard mattress should be fire and waterproof. The first is a federal standard and will not allow the fire to access the unit in any way, as well as the water (any liquid, actually).
  • Don’t tell a mattress by its cover.
    Firstly, make sure the mattress has totally come to it’s initial state when you make your judgement. Some products need up to 48 hours to come back to their initial state, and you should allow them to do so. The covers are usually waterproof, and it’s good. However, make sure it doesn’t sound as plastic. This will wake the baby (and yourself) up.
  • Check the photos.
    Make sure to check the photos if you read reviews that have additional materials. The photographs will help you decide whether you need the said product and whether it will fit your PnP.

The choice is yours, but make sure the size is what you need. This is the main thing after you decide what your baby needs. In order to do the latter, take your kid to a pediatrician. They will tell you everything about the needed firmness, complex, etc. of your future pack ‘n play playard mattress.

Also, make sure you read the reviews and look at the ratings. Many people think other parents shouldn’t be trusted, but I think you should listen to some of them as they are trying to help! So, read the reviews, make sure to check the TOPs, and also look at the photos of the products you’re about to buy. Many reviewers post their own pics, and they might help you a lot! Hope you’ll find the safest and the best mattresses for your kid, just as I did.