5 Best Twin Pack N Play Playards on the Market

The basic requirements you need to keep in mind when shopping for a twin pack n play are the same as they are for a playpen designed to hold only one baby. The playard must be sturdy enough to keep your babies safe. It also must be made of non-toxic materials and have mesh walls for easy observation and ventilation.

Finding a product like this on the market won’t be difficult today because the selection of products for twins is huge. The best models available also include additional features that will be extremely helpful for the parents.

5 Best Twin Pack N Play Playpens


#Product NameKey FeaturesAge/Height/Weight LimitCurrent Price
1Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center
Two removable rock-a-bye infant bassinets with toys, plush fabric, handles, canopies, and mesh walls for ventilation
Music center with two types of soothing melodies and nature sounds
Nightlight and vibration features
Flip-away changing table and organizers for diapers and essentials
Storage bag included
Large wheels with brakes
from birth to 30 lbs or 35″;
full-size bassinet:
from birth to 15 lbs or 25″;
changing table:
from birth to 15 lbs or 22″.
2Graco Pack’n Play Playard with Bassinet for Twins
Twin bassinet with quilted mattress pads, canopies, and mesh sides
Transitions to a roomy toddler playard
Carry bag included
Wheels for moving around
for children unable to climb out to 30 lbs or 35″;
full-size bassinet:
for babies under 15 lbs and unable to push up on hands and knees (one child per side).
3Baby Trend Retreat Twins Nursery Center
Removable individual rock-a-bye infant bassinets
Twin music center with vibration and nightlight
Toys in each bassinet
Canopies and mesh walls in twin bassinet
Large changer and storage organizer
from birth to 30 lbs or 35″;
full-size bassinet:
from birth to 15 lbs or 25″.
4Joovy Room 2 Twin Nursery Center
Accessory with a roomy twin bassinet, which can be divided in two when needed
Large changing table that flips away
Machine-washable and easy to clean
no weight limit;
full-size bassinet:
holds up to 30 lbs total (or two 15 lb babies);
changing table:
holds up to 25 lbs.
5Baby Trend Go Lite Twins Nursery Center
Each rock-a-bye bassinets is removable, has an individual electronic music center, and converts into a stand-alone rocker
Each twin infant bassinet has a canopy and two toys
Bassinets have carry-handles for easy use
Full-size bassinet and a deluxe organizer for baby essentials
Changing table included
from birth to 30 lbs or 35″;
full-size bassinet:
from birth to 15 lbs or 25″;
portable rock-a-bye bassinet:
from birth to 12 lbs or 22″;
changing table:
from birth to 15 lbs or 25″.

Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center

twin pack n play

The Twin Nursery Center by Baby Trend will provide parents of twins with all the basic essentials offering good value for money.

Baby Trend’s Twin Nursery Center lives up to its name by offering everything you might need in a portable nursery. This twin pack n play also features stylish minimalistic design that makes it fit into any room beautifully. The play yard is large enough to accommodate your two growing girls or boys (or one of each) since birth and until they reach 35’’ or learn how to climb up.

From birth to 3 months (or 22’’ or 12 lbs.) you can use the twin bassinet. Each rock-a-bye bassinet can be removed as it has a handle. It also has a canopy two soft toys, and plush fabric that’s pleasant to the touch. The walls are mesh for ventilation. There is a full-size infant bassinet underneath. Both it and the flip-away changing table can be used until your babies grow to 15lbs. or 25’’. The play yard offers a safe area for playing until your babies learn to climb out of it. The music center with two types of melodies and vibration will help soothe your babies. There’s a large organizer for storing diapers and other essentials.

Many users, like T. Holmes, commend the high quality of materials and overall sturdiness of the unit. Some people complain about having to remove one of the bassinets to use the changing table. But any other design would have made the playpen too bulky.


2 rock-a-bye bassinets
Music center with nightlight and vibration
Flip-away changing table
Large organizer
Full-size bassinet
2 large wheels with brakes


Tricky to put together the first time
Need to remove bassinet to use the changing table

Graco Pack’n Play Playard with Bassinet for Twins

graco twin pack n play

The Graco play yard with a twin bassinet is minimalistic and highly functional giving your boys or girls a safe place to nap and play.

This twin pack n play is very minimalistic and yet, highly functional. It features a lovely twin bassinet that gives every infant their own safe space for napping. Each bassinet has a canopy and quilted mattress pad that makes it look and feel very cozy. The sides are mesh to ensure excellent ventilation.

Once your baby girls or boys grow out of the infant bassinet, you can move them to the playard itself. It’s high-quality and roomy, so your little ones will be safe and comfortable there. Use the Graco pack n play for twins until your babies grow out to be 35’’ high or learn how to climb out, whichever comes first. Two wheels will make it easy to move the playpen around and there’s a carry bag for traveling.

Cara, who has been using this pack and play for her twins, commends that it’s very roomy, even the bassinets. However, some other users complain because the infant bassinet is a single unit instead of two separate ones that can be removed individually. However, that’s why it offers so much space and it’s safe for your babies.


Very roomy
Twin bassinet with canopies
Easy to move around
Portable with a carry bag


Twin bassinet is a single unit with shared bottom
Standard playpen sheets might not fit

Baby Trend Retreat Twins Nursery Center

pack n play for twins

This twin pack n play by Baby Trend makes a great nursery station ensuring your babies are comfy and safe everywhere.

The Retreat Twins Nursery Center by Baby Trend is a playpen with a twin bassinet that will help parents of twins keep an eye on their babies at all times. The playard itself is portable and comes with a carry bag. Each rock-a-bye infant bassinet is removable and has a handle for portability. It also has a canopy and two toys to keep the baby shaded and help them develop coordination. The twin bassinet also comes with an electrical music center, vibration, and nightlight feature.

Whether you have twin girls or boys or each, there is a color scheme in this model that will fit you perfectly as it’s elegant black with gray accents. The large organizer will fit enough diapers and other essentials for your twin baby needs. The playard is sturdy and made of premium-quality materials. It has two large wheels with brakes, for easy movement and secure fixation.

Parents of twins love this play yard and often commend how sturdy it is, like Lacey, who uses it for her 10-week old twins. And another reviewer, Jill, says that the quality of the music center and light feature is excellent, which is rare for a pack and play. There are some complaints about the fact that you can only hand-wash the fabric covers of the twin bassinet. But that’s the price you have to pay for the softness and quality of the material.


Good music center with vibration and light
Each twin bassinet is removable
Large storage organizer
Sturdy construction
High-quality materials


Velcros on the covers don’t hold up too long
Not good assembly instructions

Joovy Room 2 Twin Nursery Center

graco twin bassinet pack n play

The Joovy Twin Nursery Center is a twin bassinet accessory you insert into the Joovy Room 2 playpen, and it can be used for multiple as well as twins.

The Joovy Twin Nursery Center isn’t a twin pack n play but an accessory to Joovy’s renowned Room 2 playard (which you buy separately). It’s an infant twin bassinet that’s as large as the playpen in width, but can be used only until your babies learn how to lift themselves up. The maximum weight for the infant bassinet is 30 lbs. (15 lbs. per baby).

When needed, you can zip on the divider that will give each of your babies separate nap space. Due to the Room’s minimalistic design, it will suit wither girls or boys. This insert in a pack n play for twins comes with a large changing table that holds babies up to 25 lbs. Flip it over when not in use. All fabric covers are machine-washable.

Parents who use this infant twin bassinet accessory commend its functionality and size. Users like Tanya Harris, love that the Room 2 pack and play with the twin bassinet attached is lightweight and easy to move around. Cornie Baker says it’s a great option if you have little space in your home. Do read the description carefully because the majority of complaints come from people who didn’t realize that the PLAYPEN IS NOT INCLUDED.


Lightweight and easily portable
Large changing table
Easy to clean


This is an infant twin bassinet only
The mattress is very thin

Baby Trend Go Lite Twins Nursery Center

pack n play twins

The Go Lite twin pack n play from Baby Trend is minimalistic yet has everything parents of twins need to keep their babies happy and safe.

The Go Lite Twins Nursery Center by Baby Trend is easy to set up due to the signature one-hand locking mechanism. Its stylish design ensures it will look great in any contemporary room. The pack and play for twins will grow with your babies. First you’ll be able to use two twin bassinet. You can set them side by side on the playpen or remove and use individually. Rock-a-bye bassinets can be converted into rockers. They each have a music center with programmed melodies and nature sounds as well as a nightlight and vibration features.

The playard is sturdy and lightweight. The walls are breathable mesh and materials of the bassinets are soft and comfy for the babies. There is a full-size bassinet for infants under 15 lbs and a large organizer for diapers and baby products. There’s a flip-away changing table as well.

Parents of twins like this play yard model for its high quality and versatility. Vincente76 says that his daughter loved to use it with her twins to keep them sleeping beside her for the first months. SoCaChick also says that she used it until her babies were old enough for cribs. The bassinets are a bit on the heavy side, but that’s the price of sturdiness and high material quality.


pack n play sleeperTwo rock-a-bye bassinets convertible into separate rockers
Full-size removable bassinet
Flip-away changing table
Music center


Bassinets are rather heavy
Can take a while to set up the first time

FAQ: What to Consider When Buying a Twin Pack N Play

Are there any special requirements for a twin pack n play?
A pack n play for twins must meet all the same safety and quality standards as a regular playpen for one child. However, as it’s supposed to accommodate more than one baby, it has to be sturdier and larger to make sure that both of your girls or boys are comfortable and safe.

Should I buy a pack n play for twins or one playard for each?
This decision depends on your budget as well as the size of your home. Also, bear in mind that it’s much easier to keep an eye on one play yard than two, even if you place them side by side. Of course, there are cases when one baby gets fussy and the twin can “catch” the attitude due to proximity. However, this issue should occur often and you can separate them by carrying one of the children to the nursery.

Is it better to buy a playard for twins with separate or joint twin bassinet?
This is mostly a matter of personal preference. In any case, the infant bassinet will be removable as the pack and play will serve you long after your babies grow out of it. In fact, it’s mostly used for about three months because it’s unsafe to leave your baby in an infant bassinet after they learn how to push themselves up. It’s more convenient for many parents when bassinets can be removed separately, but it’s all the same from the point of view of the babies’ safety.

Final Thoughts on Choosing a Twin Pack N Play for Your Babies

When shopping for a twin pack n play you should prioritize convenience for you. Taking care of two babies won’t be easy, so you want the playard to be easy to handle and move around. You also want it to a have large enough storage organizer for essentials to you have double of everything a baby needs on hand at all times.

Think hard on whether you want the infant bassinet to be joint or separate. The latter option will make the whole thing easier to handle. But it’s not necessarily better for the baby and even for you if the bassinet is well-designed. Take your time studying the options and think with the future in mind. The playard will be with you until your twins grow into toddlers. Therefore, it’s best to buy a high-quality sturdy product that will hold up that long.