Top 8 Best Pack ‘n Play Playards with Changing Table

A pack n play with changing table is a good investment for any organized parent who wants to provide the baby with maximum comfort. Parents win from using this item as well because a changing table attached to a modern playpen is sure to be easy to set up and clean. Therefore, changing your precious baby becomes a breeze no matter where you are.
Manufacturers understand how helpful this kind of playard is so many top companies in the industry offer models with different types of changing tables, each with its own special perks.

Best Pack’n Play with Changing Table in 2021

#Product NameKey FeaturesAvailable ColorsCurrent Price
1Graco Newborn Napper DLX Playard
Covered with soft micro-fleece fabrics
Heavy-duty changing table for babies up to 30 lbs
Infant bassinet
Turns into a full-size toddler playpen
Large built-in storage for all essentials
Vibration and music center
2Graco Snuggle Suite LX
Bouncer for babied up to 18 lbs
Vibration for soothing
Heavy-duty changing table for babies up to 30 lbs
Built-in storage for essentials
Infant bassinet
Light for nighttime and music center
3Delta Children LX Deluxe Portable Baby Playard
Full-sized bassinet for babies up to 15 lbs
Playpen for toddlers up to 35’’
Changing table for babies up to 25 lbs
Snap-on hanging organizer for essentials
Easily portable with two wheels
Has a removable mobile with plush toys
4Costzon 3 in 1 Baby Playard
Full-size infant bassinet and a mobile with soft toys
Water-resistant and easy to clean changing table
Small media center with lights and music
Zipper game entrance
Handy organizer for essentials
5Baby Trend Deluxe Nursery Center
Full-size removable infant bassinet with a canopy and soft toys
Flip-away changing table for babies up to 15 lbs
Storage organizer for baby essentials
Music center with two types of music and nature sounds
Haven Wood
6Ingenuity Smart and Simple Playard
Infant napper Dream Centre and removable bassinet
Elevated and easy to clean changing table
Machine-washable and breathable fabrics
Storage for essentials
Star Shine light protection
Boutique – Bella Teddy
7Evenflo Babysuite Deluxe Playard
Full-size bassinet and a changing table
Toy bar with soft toys
Fabric storage console for essentials
Purple Orchid
Spearmint Spree
8Joovy Room Playard and Nursery Center
Infant bassinet up to 15 lbs
Toddler playard up to 35’’
Changing table up to 25 lbs
Waterproof sheet and a diaper station

Graco Newborn Napper DLX Pack’n Play

a nice playard with a newborn napperstation

The Newborn Napper DLX Playard by Graco is a multifunctional playpen that can change to meet your baby’s needs evolving from a cozy newborn napper to an infant bassinet and toddler playard.

This play yard durable and very easy to set up and take down. All materials used in this play yard are safe for the baby and easy to clean. The gender-neutral design means that it doesn’t matter if you are going to have a baby girl or a boy, the playpen is sure to be a perfect fit.

This playpen model is not only a pack n play with bassinet and changing table. It also features a very nice and comfy newborn napper station safe for babies up to 3 months, who are yet unable to roll. Then, you can move your little one to an infant bassinet, which holds babies up to 15 lbs. The playard is safe for toddlers up to 35’’-high, who can’t climb yet. The playpen is equipped with large built-in storage and a changing table that holds babies up to 30 lbs. The media center can play classical music and has two vibration settings for soothing the baby.

Reviewers love this model, commending the newborn napper and changing table in particular. Cristen Hooper says it was a saver for their family and Cody Hamblin adds that the playpen is great due to all the handy attachments. Some users note that the mattress in the playard is on the hard side. But you can easily fix it adding another mattress or a playpen pad.


Micro-fleece newborn napper
Music and vibration
Extended use changing table
Infant bassinet
Built-in storage


Thin and hard mattress
Might take a while to set up for the first time

Graco Snuggle Suite LX Pack’n Play with Bassinet and Changing Table

best pack and plays for sleeping

The Snuggle Suite LX is a pack n play with changing table and newborn bouncer that will allow you to keep your baby near and comfy at all times.

The model is highly multi-functional, durable, and easy to set up. The Graco’s signature push button makes it easy to fold as well and you can transport it in a carry bag. The materials are washable and easy to clean.

The pack n play with changing table weight limit is 30 lbs., which is unusual for the industry and will allow you to change your baby easily as they grow. The newborn seat is comfy, has a canopy, and can be removed so you can keep the baby close at all times. Use it as a bouncer with a 2-speed vibration. The playard is equipped with a light for nighttime checks and a media center to help soothe the baby. The built-in storage for essentials increases convenience and there’s an infant bassinet safe for babies up to 15 lbs. The playpen itself will serve toddlers up to 35’’ high.

Some reviewers said it was perfect for thairs and also noted that the playard is easy to move thanks to the wheels. Complaints are focused on how tricky the pack and play is to set up. But there are many instructions and videos online to solve this issue.


Portable newborn seat
Baby bouncer with vibration
Extended use changing table
Infant bassinet
Media center


Can be hard to set up
Hard mattress
Bulky, so can be hard to move around

Delta Children LX Deluxe Portable Baby Playard

Whether you have a baby girl or boy, the Delta Children LX Deluxe pack n play with changing table and infant bassinet will be a great option for traveling and keeping the baby near at all times.

This playard model was designed to provide maximum portability and convenience. It’s easy to set up and transport, which makes it easy to take the playpen with you anywhere. It works well as a portable crib or a play yard for toddlers who cannot climb yet.

The model features a waterproof and easy-to-clean changing table that holds babies up to 25 lbs. and a full-size infant bassinet. It also has a detachable mobile with plush toys to have the baby entertained. The snap-on storage organizer allows you to keep all changing essentials on hand.

Users have a lot of good to say about this play yard, for example, Cirie says it’s sturdy and very convenient. One of the buyers also commends that this playard is the sturdiest they’ve seen. That sturdiness is the reason why it’s a bit on the heavy side. But that is because you get a trusty high-quality product.


Full-size infant bassinet
Detachable mobile with soft toys
Waterproof changing table
Easy to set up


Heavier than average
Not a very good mattress

Costzon 3 in 1 Baby Playpen with Changing Table

Costzon offers great value for an affordable price and this playard model is no exception as it provides you with everything you’d expect from a top-of-the-line portable nursery station.

This pack and play with changing table and full-sized infant bassinet is a great purchase for parents who need to travel a lot. It’s very easy to transport and the stainless-steel frame is rather sturdy. Oxford fabric and mesh are easy to clean and the changing table is water-resistant.

The full-size infant bassinet has a mobile with soft toys for your baby girl or boy. There’s also a zipper game entrance your little one will love as they grow older. The media center will play some soothing music and has low lights to help your baby fall asleep. The playard is easy to move around as it has two wheels, which feature brakes and locks for stability. Storage pockets on the side help keep your essentials on hand.

This model has mostly positive reviews from satisfied users. Many of them, for example Brittany, say that this playpen is good quality and convenient to use due to storage. Another reviewer, Lee, outright says that this item does everything that much more expensive playards do, but for a lower price. But be aware that the setup can be tricky. It’s imperative that you lock the sides before pushing the bottom!


Mobile with soft toys
Music with lights
Full-size infant bassinet
Good value for money
Game entrance for babies


Won’t set up if you don’t lock the sides first

Baby Trend Deluxe Nursery Center

a baby trend playard convenient for sleeping

The Baby Trend Deluxe Nursery Center is a portable, reliable, and comfy playpen for your baby that will provide them a place to sleep and play as they grow from infant to a toddler.

This model has some very useful features including a full-size infant bassinet that has a canopy and hanging soft toys for your baby girl or boy to play with. It’s a playard with changing table and that table has a nifty flip-away design that makes it easy to use. Both the changer and bassinet are safe for babies up to 15 lbs. or 25’’-high.

The playpen can accommodate toddlers who are yet unable to climb out. This model is equipped with an electronic music center that plays soothing nature sounds and melodies. It also has a vibration and a nightlight. A storage organizer for essentials is a great help to parents.

Jessica, who bought it, says the playard is cute and that she loves all the pockets and features. ConnieMB, who is using the play yard for her granddaughter, says “it’s terrific!” There are complaints about the setup difficulties, but that’s because there are so many useful parts. Video instructions should resolve this problem.


Full-size infant bassinet with a canopy and toys
Flip-away changing table
Organizer for essentials


Difficult to put together
Changing table only holds babies up to 15 lbs.

Ingenuity Smart and Simple Playpen

a nice playard by Ingenuity

Ingenuity’s pack n play with changing table and removable bassinet will provide your baby with a comfy and safe place to sleep and play as they grow into a toddler with the maximum weight of 30 lbs.

This playpen by Ingenuity will be a great choice for parents who appreciate convenience as it’s very easy to set up, fold, and move around. Your baby can rest and nap in the infant bassinet, called Dream Centre in Ingenuity’s playards. It features soft fabrics and mesh for maximum baby comfort.

The changing table is elevated to make the process easier on the parent’s backs. The play yard features storage pockets for essentials. You can fold the playard without removing the bassinet and set it up in moments.

There are many positive reviews of this product, like the one that says the play yard is very easy to move around and convenient to use. Brooke Joseph had this to say: “After three months of daily use, it has been outstanding!” However, you need to bear in mind that the infant napper is rather small in this model. This means you might not be able to use this part for long but the pack and play will be functional for a while.


Storage pockets for essentials
Flip-away elevated changing table
Infant bassinet


Infant sleeping area is small
No support under the bassinet mattress

Evenflo Babysuite Deluxe Playard

Evenflo pack and play for sleeping

The Evenflo Portable Babysuite Deluxe is a simple and efficient pack’n play with changing table and infant bassinet that offers great value for money.

This model features all the essentials a parent needs in a portable playpen. It has an infant bassinet, which is full size and has a removable toy bar with three cute soft toys. There is also a changing table that you can rotate and remove to the side when it’s not in use. Two fabric pockets will fit all changing essentials.

The playard is very easy to set up and fold so transporting it anywhere will be a breeze. It’s also easy to clean.

Lauren, who reviewed it, sums up all there is to say about this model nicely in her review as she points out that it’s extremely convenient to use in any setup. But, she and other reviewers also note that if you want to use it as a primary sleeping space for your baby, you should invest in a better play yard mattress.


Toy bar with soft toys
Full-size infant bassinet
Rotate-to-fold changer


Not a good mattress
The bottom isn’t fixed

Joovy Room Playard and Nursery Center

Joovy pack n play playard for sleeping

The Room is a portable nursery station that will allow you and your baby feel like home anywhere.

If you need an easily portable pack n play with changing table, the Room is a good choice as it’s sturdy, durable, and made of high-quality materials. It features a full-size infant bassinet and a large diaper storage station with space for other essentials.

The changing table holds babies up to 25 lbs. and Joovy includes a waterproof sheet in the order for maximum convenience.

Users say that this play yard is beautiful and efficient. It is, however, tricky to set up, says Susan Gonzalez, who is very happy with the purchase and its sturdiness in particular. Take some time to practice setting it up and folding to avoid any issues.


Large storage area and a big pocket
Full-size infant bassinet
Waterproof sheet
Heavy-duty changing table


Tricky to set up
Larger than average mattress

FAQ on Pack n Play Playards with Changing table

What is the pack n play changing table weight limit?

The weight limit varies depending on the model. The most common type is 25 lbs. But you can find a model safe to use for larger babies.

Is it necessary to buy a pack n play with changing table?

A pack n play with bassinet and changing table is the best option for traveling as well as for use by your family and friends who are babysitting. That’s because this kind of playpen can grow with the baby and serve as a comfortable sleeping and playing space since your little one is born. However, you are the one to decide whether this is the kind of play yard you need. You can also check best pack and play for sleeping, if you need those playard as a crib.

Do I need a changing table for my baby?

It’s possible to change your baby anywhere, provided you cover the surface you plan using with a sheet. However, it will definitely be more convenient as well as safer to change your baby boy or girl in a specifically dedicated space. A changer in a playard is designed to provide both the baby and parent most comfort. These changers are also easy to clean.


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