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4 Parental Control Apps That Will Help Keep Your Kids Safe

Did you know that 37% of kids were victims of cyberbullying at least once? And that’s far from the only problem that you children might face while using their smartphones to connect to the World Wide Web. It’s your duty as a parent to provide your children with the maximum protection, so you need to find a way to keep them safe online. Luckily, there are many parental control apps that will help you achieve that.

Kaspersky SafeKids

Kaspersky SafeKids – Parental Control App that virtually provides you complete control over your child’s phone. You will be able to not only monitor their activity but also set restrictions, like websites and apps they won’t be able to access from their device.

You will also be able to track their location using GPS and even manage their screen time.

The issues with this app are that it’s not that cheap and that this level of control may result in many arguments with your children. Kids will think you don’t trust them, and while this might be justified in some cases, the arguments that are sure to come will bring a lot of stress to your family. Therefore, you need to think very carefully about the level of monitoring and control you want to have. You will also need to negotiate and provide more freedom to your kids as they grow older.

Family Orbit

Family Orbit – SMS Tracker App that will allow you to keep an eye on your kids communications via messages. As this is one of the main ways that children use to communicate today, the app offers an efficient monitoring tool without infringing on too many freedoms. It also enables you to make sure that your children aren’t associating with anyone dangerous using their smartphones.

The app has multiple additional features that also include a GPS tracker, call monitoring, and even media content monitoring (meaning you’ll be able to see copies of any photos and videos your kids make on their phone.


DinnerTime – Partial-Parental Control App that allows you to set meal and bedtimes, meaning you will be able to remind your kid to stop using their phone during those times. It also has a Take a Break reminder feature that also aims to limit the child’s screen time.

This app is less about control of your children’s online activities and more about ensuring they don’t spend too much time absorbed into their devices. It definitely helps to prevent tech addiction and reminds kids to just be kids and look for off-screen ways of having fun.


Bouncie – Risky Driving Alert App that helps keep your kids safe by reducing distracted driving. This app is invaluable for the parents of teenagers who want to make sure their kids don’t engage in risky behavior while behind the wheel. It will alert you if the child is speeding, hard-braking, and doing some other things they definitely shouldn’t be doing behind the wheel. The GPS tracking feature also allows you to know where exactly they are driving or parked.

Parental control apps come in many forms today, but never forget that monitoring solves only a part of the problem. The most effective method of keeping your child safe is teaching them how to stay safe.