Little girl posing for a camera

A Quick Guide to Getting Your Kids to Pose for the Camera

The great thing about photographing children is that they have a natural charm which really shines through when they’re on camera and, if you know how to photograph them well, you’re on the right track to getting some fantastic pictures.

However, no matter how skilled you are at photography, getting your kids to pose for the camera can still be a real challenge.

On the bright side, there are some things you can do to get the best out of your kids when you’re photographing them, encouraging all manner of poses from cheesy to broody.

Get your timing right

If you have kids you’ll probably know that their energy levels can fluctuate wildly. Because of this, getting your timing right is absolutely essential if you want your kids to be happy on camera.

We spoke to Filming With Kids who said: “Kids just can’t regulate their levels of energy like adults can, so getting the best pictures of them heavily involves paying attention to when they’re at their most active.

“Planning the session around the kids’ schedules and energy levels rather than your own will ensure that they’re not tired and grouchy when you want them to pose for the camera.”

Similarly, if your kids are still at the stage where they have regular naps, try to schedule your photography around their sleep schedule. Tired children tend to be grizzly children and the last thing they’re going to want is a lens in their face.

Get a rewards system

Boy is getting a candyThe age-old technique of using a rewards system to get the best out of children is age-old because it works.

Not only will you be able to reward your kids for posing for the camera, the use of a rewards system will also encourage them to continue throughout the session.

However, classic reward systems like sticker charts are somewhat overdone these days so, if you want your kids to be inspired by their reward system, it’s best to get as creative as you can.

If you’re struggling to think of an appropriate reward system to encourage your children to pose for the camera, have a look through this blog post on the jar and cotton ball method.

Prepare thoroughly

When it comes to photographing anyone, preparation is key. However, this rule especially applies for children, as posing in front of a camera can be really tiring for them.

It should be obvious that your kids shouldn’t be hungry, thirsty, or tired when you’re trying to take pictures of them, but they also shouldn’t be bored during the less exciting periods such as when you’re setting up, as there’s nothing like boredom to make kids start misbehaving.

Make sure that you have all of the essentials on hand: bringing lots of snacks, games, toys, and drinks into the mix when you’re holding your session is a great way to keep your kids happy throughout the setting up and shooting processes.