5 Cloth Diaper Accessories You Shouldn’t Diaper Without

You buy a new outfit, and then you buy accessories to go with it. The same is true with cloth diapers. After buying your cloth diapers, you need to get these five cloth diaper accessories to complete your cloth diaper stash and make cloth diapering easier.

1. Reusable Cloth Diaper Wipes

One reason you probably chose cloth diapers is that they’re the more eco-friendly choice—so are reusable cloth diaper wipes. Not just safer for the environment, cloth diaper wipes don’t irritate your baby’s sensitive skin like some disposable wipes. Most brands are so soft and absorbent, you can use them to wipe your baby’s bum as well as to wipe your baby’s face after eating, or use them as a bathtime washcloth, spit-up rag, or breast pads if you’re breastfeeding. Strong yet soft, they’re perfect to clean tough messes while being gentle on baby’s skin.

Cloth diaper wipes need to be moistened before using, which you can do by getting them wet under the sink or with a spray bottle of room-temperature water. Some parents use water, while others prefer using cloth diaper wipes solutions. You can either pre-moisten your wipes and leave them in a dispenser or wipes warmer or keep a stack of dry ones nearby and then wet the cloth wipe right before use.

2. Extra Diaper Boosters

Cloth diapers come with various absorbencies, but sometimes you need to increase the absorbency, like for naptime or overnight use. That’s where an extra booster, or doubler, comes in handy. All you do is lay the booster on top of your soaker pad, and just like that, you’ve got an extra layer of absorbency without bulking up the diaper.

3. Diaper Sprayer

Every cloth diaper owner should also own a diaper sprayer. Think of it as a mini-handheld showerhead for your toilet and cloth diapers. It attaches to your toilet and has adjustable spray pressure so you can more easily rinse off and clean up those dirty diaper messes without having to dump and soak your diaper in the toilet. But it’s more than a handy cloth diaper accessory. A diaper sprayer is a multi-use bathroom cleaner. Use it when you’re potty training toddlers or have sick kids and want a quick and easy way to pre-rinse clothes in the bathroom before washing them. You can also use a diaper sprayer to clean your toilet.

4. Cloth Diaper Pail and Liner

Disposable diaper users aren’t the only ones who can or should use a diaper pail. Many cloth diaper manufacturers suggest using a diaper pail to store used cloth diapers in until you have a full load to wash. Some disposable diaper pails can work for cloth diapers, but there are diaper pails made specifically to store cloth diapers. You could even just use a trash can with a lid.

Along with your cloth diaper pail, you’ll want to use a diaper pail liner. Many like washable pail liners with an elastic drawstring because they can be washed and reused, they stay around your pail, and they make trips to the washing machine convenient. Simply cinch the liner closed, carry to your washing machine, and dump the diapers inside.

5. Wet Bags

Zippered wet bags are a go-to cloth diaper accessory if you and your child ever plan on leaving the house (which obviously you will). They’re a perfect size—diaper bag- and tote-approved—to securely and conveniently hold a few cloth diapers and accessories when you take a trip, go to the pool, or send your child to daycare. If you get a bigger one, you can also use it to put wet bathing suits in for the drive home after a day at the beach or use it as a diaper pail when traveling.