“Your Opinion Matters” – a New Contest Announcement

My dear readers,

Today I’m happy to announce a contest that will give every one of you an opportunity to show off your talents as well as share your personal opinions with millions of mothers out there. To participate in the contest, you need to write a review of any product you purchased through one of the affiliate links here at Pack’n Play Reviews.

The most active among you will get prizes selected from the best products your kids will enjoy. I’ll announce the winners on May 31st.

Please email your reviews to contact@best-pack-n-play.com.

There are no specific requirements for the review except for it being helpful. Remember, other parents will use it to help them choose products for their babies. I hope to read your honest opinions with objective criticism or praise. Let out your inner novelist or stick to lists of pros and cons, the format doesn’t matter. Be creative but truthful.

I would greatly appreciate stories of your own experiences with different products, as well as ideas on where one could get better. As mothers, we always want the best for our children. This is your chance to help others find those ‘best’ options or to avoid wasting money on a poor quality product.

Send as many reviews as you want. The more there are, the higher is your chance to win a variety of prizes.

Looking forward to reading your reviews!