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Top 10 Best Outdoor Play Areas for Kids

The winter is finally over. The warm breeze is the invitation for kids to enjoy a wonderful outdoor activity time. As parents, we begin to think about the question we ponder upon every year: Is my outdoor play area good enough for my little ones? What are the best play zones for my kids?

Today I will bring you the top 10 outdoor play areas possible for your kids. These outdoor arrangements respond to different play styles from group games to individual exploration. I will also look into how to secure the play area so we can minimize the risk of any accident.

In short, every kid should have an outdoor exploration zone that is fun, safe, and full of challenges. By the way, your kids must be need their favorite outdoor toy or equipment to play outside. So you can check this site: BestBalancebikeReviewed to know about the best outdoor toys for toddlers.

01. Flat Play Zone

A flat play zone could simply be an open area without too much ups and downs. Flat play zones are perfect for group games such as Freeze Tags and Tug of War. These areas are usually free and easy to find.

It is important to make sure that the location you choose for your kids is free of slants and hills. Kids like to run and a bumpy surface could easily cause injury. If it is possible, secure the area somehow your children cannot run across border.

02. Sidewalk

Sidewalks are great if you live in a quiet neighborhood that doesn’t have too many traffics passing through. Sidewalk is full of creativity possibilities. Give your kids a good selection of sidewalk chalks and you can enjoy them making their own magic kingdom for the next hour.

Supervision is extremely important when your kids are playing on the sidewalk considering sidewalks are public properties without much limitation. For example, you definitely don’t want your kids be teasing someone’s dog as they are walking it.

 03. Front Yard

Often, what you can do with your front yard is quite limited when it comes to entertainment facilities. However, a little imagination and secure installation could turn your front yard into one of the best play space for your kids.

The easiest thing to do is putting up a swing. It is difficult for me to imagine a kid who doesn’t enjoy some swinging. It is also easier for parents to keep an eye on the kids since they will be right in front of our houses.

04. Outdoor Pool

Not everyone enjoys public pools. Also, for little kids public pools can be challenging and intimidating. However, when the weather gets hotter, there’s nothing better than soaking yourself into cool water.

Outdoor pools are perfect for this purpose and they can be seen everywhere from target to Amazon. They are portable, affordable and low-maintenance. They can be enjoyed both by the adults and the children – now we are talking about family fun!

05. Fences

Many of us forget the children use everything as canvas and fences are perfect for that purpose. If you have wood fences around your house, then you already have a natural outdoor play area. Attach some bucket on the inside and put painting supplies in them. Hang some clean towels around to keep things tidy.

Make sure the supplies you leave around are easily removable. I’d also suggest putting up a chalk board on the fences to keep things less messy for parents.

06. Backyard Playgrounds

Most backyard playgrounds vary from something over 100 dollars to around 300 dollars. They are pricey, but they definitely worth the money. Backyard playgrounds are full of fun for kids that this equipment can keep your kids happy and busy for hours. Usually they come with at least a slide and a swing.

Also, most backyard playgrounds already take outdoor security into consideration. They are heavy enough to not be tilted over by kids and have designed step spaces to avoid falling.

 07. By the Grill

If you have grilling area by your house, your kids will love it! There are child-safe grill sets available for purchase so your entire family can actually enjoy BBQ together – hands on!

Of course, these kid’s grills don’t use actual fire and don’t cook actual food. But hey, it is the experience that is most fun! Most children’s grill sets are affordable, too. The price ranges somewhere around 70 to 100 dollars. They come with play food and serve trays, and all the grill tools to create the thrill.

08. To the Park

Never forget to make use of existing resources in your neighborhoods. Public parks often have securely protected play areas designed for kids. These areas are often equipped with swings, slides, see-saws and other things on any kid’s favorite activity list.

Also, parks are a great place for your kids to make new friends. Sometimes parks will offer group activities for children, such as story-telling and picnic. These events are great to help develop your child’s communication and socialization skills.

09. School Playground

Many schools now offer their playgrounds to public within school hours. As long as you live in the school district you can take your kids down to their playground even if your child goes to a different school.

School playgrounds might not have all the games you want your kids to have, but they are definitely the safest place. Schools always have teachers on duty for supervision in order to avoid accidents. Daycare center is another good choice in this scenario.

10. The Nature

I always say that no outdoor play area can compare to the nature itself. When I grew up, I simply wandered around in the woods. Although this may not be possible for many parents nowadays, we should still find as many opportunities for kids to interact with nature as possible.

Take them hiking. Take them down to a river to camp. The wilderness may not be a daily outdoor option but is definitely necessary. Nothing bonds you with your child better than an adventure in the nature.

Final Thoughts

Safety is always the first thing to consider when looking for an outside playing area for your kids. Make sure the area is secluded so the risk of injury is minimized. If you are using your own yards as the play zone, be sure to child-proof the entire place. Never, ever take your eyes off your children, especially in public places such as the community playground or a public park.

Now I wonder: what do you think about these outdoor places for your kids to play? Do you have any other options or suggestions besides what I have mentioned?