Baby doll with toy

Top 8 Baby Doll Accessories to Watch Out For

Whether it’s during the holidays or your sweet little girl is about to have another birthday, if she has a baby doll you’ve got a treasure trove of gift ideas just waiting to give her. Baby dolls have all kinds of accessories that you can purchase to make imaginative play with dolls even more fun and realistic.

So which baby doll accessories should you watch out for and snag for your little baby doll’s baby doll? These are the top 8 that every little girl wants for her baby doll.

  1. Clothes

What fun is it to have a baby doll and have nothing to change her into? That’s exactly what your daughter is going to say if you don’t give her doll clothes to dress her doll with. Every doll comes dressed in something but that novelty wears off after a while. It’s great fun for girls to have a wardrobe of clothes to dress their dolls in. They can mix and match and experiment with fashions for hours of fun.

  1. Shoes

Every doll comes with shoes too. But just like you wouldn’t wear your dress shoes to the gym and vice versa, her baby doll shouldn’t have to either. Giving your daughter new shoes for her doll to change into will help her coordinate all the doll’s apparel and teach your daughter about how to wear the right footwear for any occasion.

  1. Accessories

Just about every doll out there comes with some kind of accessory. Sometimes it’s a fancy hat, or even a funky one. Other times it’s jewelry like bracelets, necklaces and even earrings. There are also handbags and smartphones. These dolls have it all and your daughter will want it all to create her perfect doll vision. But that’s not all. Some dolls are themed for certain professions in which case they may need all sorts of accessories like stethoscopes, ice skates, or even chef’s apparel. It might seem dizzying but these simple little extras can truly excite your daughter and keep her happy with playing with her doll for even longer.

  1. Dollhouse

If your daughter doesn’t have a dollhouse for her doll yet, what are you waiting for? That’s the most important accessory of all. After all, how can she truly bring her doll to life during imaginative play? Dolls need a home too so look for a best dollhouse that is suitable for your child’s age as well as large enough to accommodate the size of the doll, otherwise you’ll have to buy new dolls that will fit into the dollhouse and that means more dolls to dress!

  1. Furniture

A pink sofa, a fish tank, a heart-shaped bed, a grandfather clock. There are so many furniture choices your daughter has when it comes to customizing her doll’s dollhouse. It gives her a chance to express her own unique style so maybe take her to the store and see what she gushes over before attempting to randomly select something yourself.

  1. Pets

One of the coolest things any doll can have is a stunningly groomed dog or fluffy kitten to care for. Your daughter will absolutely love having another member to her doll family. Nothing makes play time with dolls more fun than dolls that have their own adorable pets!

  1. Cars

How else can you expect your daughter’s dolls to get around? They need cars, and nice ones too. While you might think this is a luxury, and to some degree it is, you’ll see it adds another element to imaginative play when your daughter’s doll “drives” to the store or to pick up more pet food for her pet.

  1. Boats

Maybe you can’t afford a real one for yourself, but why not let the doll live the life you’ve always dreamed of? Boats are one of the hottest doll toys out there. Many can be used in water without damaging the decals too so it can even add more fun to bath time or out in the pool.

Dolls really give girls so much opportunity to play and explore. These 8 accessories will add even more fun and imagination into the mix so make sure you keep this list and check it twice every time you need gift ideas for your girl!