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4moms Breeze Play Yard Review

4moms Breeze Play Yard is a tool that can make parents` lives much calmer and easier. It includes a safe playard and a comfortable bassinet. Your baby can play, nap and sleep in it. It is possible to use it anywhere around your home, and it is not a problem to move it. Also, you can fold it in one step, pack into a special travel bag and bring anywhere you go with you. There will be no necessity to look after your baby every single second, if this playard is around. It is a safe place for your child to have fun or rest.

Key Features

My Experience with This Playard
  • Comform
  • Usability
  • Safety
  • Pricing


It's easy-to-use, stylish, comfortable and reliable because it's made of high quality materials. The only possible drawback is the price, yet IMHO it's worth every penny.

1-step folding system

This playard stands out among others, because just one simple action is required to open or fold it. No extra effort, no wasted energy or time. The process of opening or closing this playard is quick and easy.

Easy to Take Care of

You can clean the bassinet and playard mattresses with a damp cloth.


This playard does not look like a tool for a baby, it is stylish and cool. It was designed to fit in any modern home without attracting too much attention. Main parts are dark grey and black, whereas the inner part can either be grey or blue depending on your choice.

Features and Specifications

  • The weight is 24.9 pounds.
  • The dimensions are 34.3 x 15.3 x 13.4 inches.
  • The maximum baby weight recommendation is 30 pounds.
  • A removable bassinet is included.
  • A travel bag is included.
  • Sheets for a bassinet or a playard are not included.

What Customers Are Saying

85% of all customers were so happy with 4moms Breeze Play Yard that they gave it a 5-start rating. They tend to point out how convenient this playard is and how easy to use. The folding system is a huge advantage that makes this playard stand out among numerous others on the market. Parents who tend to travel a lot, appreciate being able to set it up and fold it without any stress or fuss. Some families have been using it with more than one baby and remained very satisfied with the quality of this product.

Just 2% of the customers rated it with 1 or 2 stars. Most of them thought that the product could be cheaper. However, the manufacturer prioritizes safety, high-quality materials, decent salaries over lower prices. Therefore, if you believe those aspects are important, invest in 4moms playard.

In general, parents are happy with this playard and bassinet. They mention its portability and durability as main advantages. Many customers buy this product again and again as a gift to their friends after using it themselves.

Who Should Buy This Product

4moms Breeze Play Yard is suitable for families who do not want to be stuck at home after the baby is born. This quick and easy to set up playard is a solution to the problem of bringing your child with you to a potentially unsafe place, like a friend`s house. Its materials and mechanisms make it durable, so when your baby grows out of it, you can keep it for later, if you are planning to have another one sometime in the future, re-sell it online or gift it.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Does 4moms make sheets for these playard and basssinet?
A: Yes, there is a waterproof sheet for the playard and another one for the bassinet. You can buy both or just one. They are available in three colours.

Q: Is it OK to use other sheets?
A: Yes, of course. This is your choice! You can use literally any sheets, including your own, by just folding and making them the size you need. However, it is more convenient to have the sheets that fit the playard and the bassinet perfectly.

Q: What if there is a problem. How do I figure out what I should do?
A: There is a manual that goes with the playard. You can read it, check the manufacturer`s website or contact the company via e-mail.

Q: Can I fit this into a regular suitcase?
A: It depends on the dimensions of your suitcase, but you don`t have to, as there is a special travel bag for the playard.

Q: Where is this playard produced?
A: It is manufactured in China at a highly-reliable factory. However, our design and engineering teams are based in Pittsburgh, PA.

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