Top 5 Pack N Play Sheets That Parents & Babies Will Love

Investing in a pack n play tent is a smart move for any parent because it will enhance your baby’s safety and comfort. There are many options of such cover on the market, but the features you should be looking for are quality of the materials, sturdy design, and durability.

5 Top Models of a Pack N Play Tent

#Best Pack N Play Tent in 2019Key FeaturesFitsCurrent Price
1SnoozeShade Canopy and Tent
Creates dark space for the baby to rest.
Side panels to control the level of light.
Breathable polyester mesh.
Fits any play yard and crib with a mattress of 37.5’’ x 25.5’’.
2Baby Crib Safety Pop Up Tent
Sturdy construction.
Patented silky high-quality mesh.
Self-lock zipper and double-tie design for secure fastening.
High pop-up playpen and crib tent 55’’ x 51’’ x 27’’.
3Baby Safety Pop Up Tent
CPSC-approved and BPA-free mesh.
Pleasant to the touch and hypoallergenic material.
Auto-lock zipper and easy setup.
Fits any standard playpen.
4Jeep Net Tent
Soft universal-size netting with an elastic edge.
Very easy to set up and remove.
Offers protection from insects.
Fits any pack and play.
51st Baby Safety Pop Up Tent
Satin-based netting and all materials free of any toxic chemicals.
Extra-large opening for changing mattress and sheets and smaller opening for the baby.
Top opening for baby monitor and camera installation.
Large tent topper 55’’ x 51’’ x 27’’.

SnoozeShade Pack N Play Crib Canopy and Tent

The SnoozeShade is not only a high-quality pack n play tent but also a nice cover that will shade your baby to help them relax and fall asleep even when it’s light outside.

The SnoozeShade cover for a crib or playard fits all standard models of either and helps you to keep your baby comfortable and safe. As a cover, it will protect your baby from mosquitoes, cats, and any other nasties that might try to get into the crib or playpen. It will also help your little climber inside as they get older.

This model is made with breathable fabric that will create a soothing shade inside the play yard. There are side panels that allow parents to control the level of light inside. The SnoozeShade is easy to use and transport as it takes up very little space when folded.

Users love this pack n play cover, and some, like Kristin M. Slaybaugh, even going as far as to say that it’s an absolute must for travel. She and other users comment how it allows keeping the baby’s space comfortably dark to help them sleep. However, be advised that if your baby loves standing and they are quite tall, they might dislodge the cover from a smaller pack and play. Therefore, be sure to only use it in accordance with the playpen’s height requirements.


Create comfortably dark space for sleep
Controllable level of light through side-panels


Is level with the playpen’s top

Baby Crib Safety Pop Up Tent

This model of a crib and pack n play tent provides the baby with maximum comfort and parents with maximum peace of mind as you are sure your baby is safe and comfortable.

Unlike the majority of models on the market, this tent topper is made to last a can be used not only for a playpen but a crib as well. Its stylish design will complement any room, but the most important benefit is its quality. The cover is made of silky see-through hypoallergenic mesh that’s pleasant to the touch. Therefore, it will provide maximum comfort for the baby and their sensitive skin.

The construction is sturdy and can be easily secured using the self-lock zipper and double-tie fixation system. Your little one won’t be able to rip off or damage this crib tent and high-quality materials ensure they won’t be able to rip the netting. The pop-up tent is high and easy to set up. It will easily accommodate growing toddlers.

This bed cover model has a huge number of positive reviews. T. Crotty, an Amazon reviewer, says it prevented their toddler from actually jumping out of the crib. One more reviewer, Emma, just says that every parent should buy it right now because it helped her 2.5 year-old toddler sleep and nap. The few complaints mostly have to do with the zipper’s design and loudness. Try practicing to operate it so you can learn to do it quickly and smoothly.


Sturdy and high
Pleasant to the touch mesh
Easy to set up and secure


Loud zipper
Zipper’s orientation takes some getting used to

Baby Pack ‘N Play Safety Pop Up Tent: Premium Bed Canopy Netting Cover

Keep your baby safe and comfortable in their playard while playing and napping with this tent topper that’s pleasant to the touch and easy to install.

This pack n play tent has a pop-up construction that’s both sturdy and easy to install. You can get it up one-handed and the construction will fit securely into any standard play yard. The auto-lock zipper makes it easy to secure your baby inside.

The canopy is made from a safe and hypoallergenic BPA-free material. It’s velvety to the touch and won’t irritate the baby’s sensitive skin. The frame is flexible to better fit the playard.

Users like this crib and pack and play cover because it helps keep babies securely inside the play yard, even when they get older and start climbing and jumping up. Elizabeth A Clark says it was a great help for her family as their 2.5 year-old is very keen on climbing out of their bed. Heleana Barlett also adds that this cover effectively keeps cats out of the playpen. There are some complaints that the babies manage to climb out if they are creative enough, but it’s the same for any canopy. This risk is much reduced if you zip the tent all the way and secure it according to instructions.


Easy to set up
Flexible frame
Pleasant to the touch material


Needs to be secured very thoroughly
More expensive than average

Jeep Universal Size Pack N Play Mosquito Net Tent

If you are looking for a simple pack n play tent that will be easy to take with you anywhere, the Jeep universal-size netting is a perfect fit.

This type of playpen cover is truly universal and will easily fit over any play yard. You can use it outdoors and indoors to protect your baby from insects, cats, and other small things that might try to get into their playard.

The mesh is safe and see-through, so you will be able to keep an eye on your little one at all times. You can easily get the cover on the playard and remove it in moments. Transport it easily in your playard carry bag’s pocket.

Users appreciate the simplicity and universal fit of this playpen tent topper. Angi Kaylyn says it’s a perfect fit for her Graco playard. Mamabear, a reviewer who liked the model so much she bought two of them, says it’s good value for money and “surprisingly durable. Some reviewers note that quality of the mesh isn’t the highest. But with the product being so cheap, that’s understandable. And the netting will do its intended job beautifully.


Universal size fit-all
Very compact and easy to set up


Not the best mesh

Grey Baby Canopy Cover – Safety Pop Up Tent

This 1st Baby Safety tent topper model offers excellent protection for the baby and multiple handy features for the parents’ convenience.

Parents looking for a pack n play tent that will offer the best protection and comfort for the baby will love this model. It’s easy to set up and looks great, so you will also enhance your interior with it. Bus most importantly, it secures easily to the playpen or crib and keeps your baby safe from any insects, cats, and other irritants. Meanwhile, it keeps the little one safely inside the playpen so they can’t climb or jump out.

The material is a satin-based toxin-free mesh that’s soft against your baby’s sensitive skin. The tent topper’s design makes it easy to change sheets or mattress due to the large opening in the back. A smaller opening in the front allows you to put the baby in without a fuss. There is also an innovative crib tent design feature with a smaller opening at the top. It allows you to fit in a baby monitor or a camera so you can keep an eye on the little one no matter where you are.

Callimonster, says that this tent topper is amazing and worth every penny. Sarah C, another mother using this crib tent, says that she’s very satisfied with the high quality of the item. Some people complain about the price, but you get great value product, so of course it will cost quite a bit of money.


Multiple openings for convenient use
Special opening for a camera and baby monitor
Satin-based soft mesh


May not fit all cameras


Do you need a pack n play tent for your playpen?
While a playard tent topper isn’t a mandatory addition to your baby stuff arsenal, it will definitely help put the parent’s mind at peace. It will not only protect your baby from mosquitoes and other insects that cannot get through the netting.

Is using tent topper safe for the baby?
It will be perfectly safe if you make sure the cover is secure and if you use a model made with netting. The point is for the tent to be breathable as well as transparent enough to provide you a good view of the child.

When should I stop using a crib tent?
This type of protection will become unnecessary when your little one moves to sleeping in a toddler bed. As to using it on a pack and play, keep in mind the child’s weight. The cover might prevent your little one from climbing out, but it won’t help any if the child is so heavy it will tilt the playpen over.

Buying a Pack N Play Tent: Final Thoughts

A mesh cover for your playpen is a worthy investment if your little one is an early-climber. Also, it’s a good protection for your baby if you live or travel to the area where mosquitoes and other nasties can bother the child. When buying this kind of protection, focus on quality of the materials and construction as you don’t want to risk it breaking apart and harming your baby.